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Listen to Therapist and Clinical Director Vicki Enns have conversations with professional counsellors or helpers and explore their insights on a variety of counselling themes. Tune in once a month for around 45 minutes of authentic, connected, and insightful conversations.

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Vicki Enns - In addition to being the Clinical Director of CTRI, Vicki also has a private practice where she specializes in the area of trauma healing for individuals, couples, and families. She holds a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree and is an Approved Supervisor with the AAMFT and CAMFT.

Counselling Insights Podcast image of two people sitting and talkingConnecting with other counsellors is one of the most important pieces of ongoing professional development and self-care for anyone in a helping role. Therapist and Clinical Director Vicki Enns has been working in the counselling and trauma healing field for over 25 years and is passionate about staying connected to her peers and mentors to keep her learning vibrant. This focus has shaped two publications of which she is the editor and a contributing author: Counselling Insights and Counselling in Relationships.

This podcast is a continuation of Vicki’s enthusiasm for connecting and having conversations with others in the counselling field. In each episode, she will interview an experienced counsellor or professional helper and explore a variety of counselling topics. Through these conversations, listeners will hear the unique perspective of the guests, as well as Vicki’s insights on the topic.

A new episode will be released on the second Friday of each month. Subscribe to our newsletter or wherever you get your podcasts to listen to new episodes.

Episode 3: Asking Great Questions
May 13, 2022

Vicki interviews counsellor and trainer, John Koop Harder. They explore how to get great questions flowing in counselling, and the central role values play in shaping counselling practices. John describes his shift in perspective to see the relationship with problems as the real problem in people’s lives. And he connects the dots among his grandparents’ influence, his role as a father, and the importance of creating space for men to explore masculinity in counselling.  

Episode 2: The Power of Play
April 8, 2022

Vicki explores play therapy and supporting children with Tanya Hoover, a Registered Social Worker and Certified Play Therapist. They talk about the importance of being real in the counselling room, and the need for counsellors to connect with their own vulnerability. Tanya discusses her passion for attachment and emotional connection as foundations for supporting both children and the adults in their lives. Also explored is Tanya’s new children’s book, The Helping Rock, along with the supplemental guidebook

Episode 1: Befriending Imposter Syndrome
March 11, 2022

Vicki interviews Marwa Fadol, a Registered Psychologist and trainer with CTRI. Vicki and Marwa explore Marwa’s journey into counselling, including her journey from refugee to psychologist, and the recurring theme of the importance of connection and relationship. Marwa discusses her key counselling insights, her evolving relationship with Imposter Syndrome, and the importance of joy and music to her wellness.

Also highlighted is their upcoming 2023 book on Wellness and Resilience for Helpers.

Episode 0: Welcome to Counselling Insights
February 4, 2022

In this short episode, host Vicki Enns previews what this podcast is about and what you can expect for future episodes.

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