Unhealthy relationships typically result in increased stress and difficulty in life. On the other hand, healthy relationships provide the support needed by youth to thrive. This workshop will help participants analyze what factors contribute to healthy relationships and how to recognize signs of an unhealthy one. Participants will learn strategies for creating and maintaining positive relationships.

All of our workshops for youth (ages 13-18) use age-appropriate learning methodologies including physical exercises, group activities, video, personal reflection, and group discussion. Workshops are highly interactive in nature and trainers are both insightful and engaging.

Some of the Topics Included

  • Healthy Family Relationships
  • Healthy Relationships Among Friends
  • Healthy Romantic Relationships
  • Sexual Relationships and Rights
  • How to Make Good Relational Choices
  • Warning Signs of Unhealthy Relationships
  • What to Do if Your Relationship is Unhealthy