Reconciliation – 3 Keys to Understanding I was having coffee with a friend at a socially-distanced cafe when we overheard a conversation on politics and elections at another table. Given the pending elections and current news in Nova Scotia about... Read More parent teen relationship, relationships, parenting, emotions, counselling, therapy, mental health Navigating Parent and Teen Relationships Families are always navigating multiple challenges and varying needs across different stages of the life cycle. Each family also has inherent strengths and values that provide a foundation for development... Read More self-care, self-care tips, helpers, caregivers, therapists, counsellors, counselors, mental health, meditation, mindfulness 8 Self-Care Tips for Helpers In my practice, I see a lot of helpers including therapists, caregivers, first responders, and medical professionals. As a group, we are the people our clients and patients turn to during the worst times... Read More refugees, immigrants, families, immigrant families, refugee families, counselling, counseling 3 Principles for Counselling Immigrant and Refugee Families When it comes to families from collectivist cultures, there is often the perspective that the well-being of the family as a whole is the priority and that individual needs are... Read More life-threatening behaviours, self-harm, self-care, mental health, therapy, counselling, anxiety, depression, caregiver 3 Priorities for Helping High-Risk Clients As a counsellor, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when a client begins their session by listing the various crises that happened during their week. It’s difficult to know where to start when someone starts with,... Read More

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