How to Improve Your Relationship With Work I love being a counsellor and trainer, but at times my appreciation for the work influences me to overextend myself. This impacts both myself and my other relationships. As a result, I need to beware... Read More Insights for Counselling Foster Families The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships –  Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections.  The chapter, Foster Families, encourages thinking broadly about all the relationships involved in... Read More 5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Workplaces The following information comes from A Little Book about Trauma-Informed Workplaces, written by myself, Randy Grieser, and Vicki Enns. Trauma is prevalent in our world and its effects can ripple out, shaping our interactions and relationships... Read More Trust the Moment: Why Counselling “Detours” Can Be Beneficial I’m in a counselling session with someone who is on long-term disability leave from a stressful job. We have a limited number of sessions paid for by their insurance company, so I am adopting a... Read More Tips for Counselling Single Parent Families The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships: Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections. The chapter, “Single-Parent Families,” explores common challenges and celebrates the strengths of the single-parent family.... Read More

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