3 Tips for Maintaining Professional Boundaries Many of us are drawn to the helping profession because of a strong desire to help others. When this is our focus and our drive, we can easily lose track of ourselves and become stretched... Read More Indigenous Insights for All Counsellors The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships: Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections. The chapter reviews the 10 principles from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Readers are invited and challenged to... Read More Managing the Online Counselling Relationship The COVID-19 pandemic has had many impacts on our lives, including changes in how we connect with others. For many counsellors, this has meant shifting to working remotely, whether through online video platforms or over-the-phone... Read More emotions, parenting, self-care, mental health, depression, anxiety, emotion regulation How to Reduce the Impact of Secondhand Emotions We all experience emotions that dictate how we see and understand others and how they see and understand us. In turn, this plays a part in how we form opinions about the world around us... Read More narrative therapy, story, stories, stories we tell, therapy, counselling, mental health, mental illness, anxiety, depression, self-talk, self-care How to Rewrite Your Own Story – Lessons From Narrative Therapy What would your story be if you were to write a book or movie script about yourself? What events would you include? What would the theme(s) be? What characters would you include? We all have stories... Read More

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