life-threatening behaviours, self-harm, self-care, mental health, therapy, counselling, anxiety, depression, caregiver 3 Priorities for Helping High-Risk Clients As a counsellor, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when a client begins their session by listing the various crises that happened during their week. It’s difficult to know where to start when someone starts with,... Read More back to school, children, parents, COVID-19, self-care, mental health How to Prepare Children for Going Back to School During COVID-19 Many children are about to go back to school after months of being at home with only parents and siblings to socialize and learn with. Each province and state has their own standards for... Read More addiction, social media, internet, social media addiction, internet addiction, self-care, mental illness, mental health, counselling, therapy How to Overcome Social Media Addiction When we think about addiction, we often think about drug and alcohol use. However, research is clear that individuals can get a similar “high” from using the internet, including social media. Scrolling through social media... Read More How to Build Resilient Communities In this time of global change, we must meet our needs closer to home and rely on community more than ever. What is a community? Community is not a place or its people – it’s a... Read More anger, anger de-escalation, violence prevention, self-care, mental health, front line workers, trauma, trauma-informed 5 Keys for De-escalating Anger As someone who coordinates training for groups throughout North America, I am struck that at a time of physical distancing, I’m seeing an increase in organizations expressing concern over the physical safety of their... Read More

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