Turning Complaints into Connection: Couple Relationships

Vicki Enns

Winter can make me grouchy. Living in Manitoba, Canada, means winter holds many days of harsh, biting winds, and long nights of cold temperatures. Because of this, a recurring thought often runs through my mind: “When will this end and why do I live here?” As I sit with a couple in my office in the middle of winter, I … Read More

3 Ideas for Building Healthy Relationships

Vicki Enns

Building Healthy Relationships in Adulthood Human beings are relational. We are social creatures, and we need to be connected to others throughout our lives. This is easily understood in infancy and childhood, when we know that having reliable, safe, and emotionally nurturing adult caregivers is essential for healthy child development. However, this need for reliable relationships does not end as … Read More

3 Pillars & Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach

Vicki Enns

trauma-informed, trauma, mental health, mental illness, self-care, counselling, therapy

You have probably heard a lot of buzz around being trauma-informed as it’s a term that is becoming increasingly embraced. Many organizations are actively seeking out ways to ensure their programming and services are fit for this label, which means they are engaging in the following pillars of trauma-informed care: Awareness of the prevalence of trauma, and how common it … Read More

Tips for Working with Resistance to Change

Vicki Enns

resistance to change, helping, helper, resolution, anxiety, depression, mental health, counselling, counsellor, therapy, therapist

If you work in the helping field, you likely encounter the struggle and fear people often have toward change. It’s ironic, isn’t it? People seek support when there is something they need to change or others want changed, then they put great energy into avoiding, fighting, or putting off making any steps toward change. Why do people struggle with change? … Read More

5 Actions Towards Longevity as a Helper

Vicki Enns

helper, counsellor, counselor, caregiver, longevity, self-care, vicarious trauma, coping strategies, mental health

Working in a helping or counselling role is a lot harder than it may seem – especially if you want to do it for a long time while still deriving satisfaction from it. Many people are drawn to the field because they are told they are a good listener, or maybe they’ve had their own relevant struggles and become stronger … Read More

7 Tips for Creating a Safer School Year for LGBTQ+ Youth

Vicki Enns

lgbtq, safe space, queer, children, youth, self-care

It’s hard to believe the new school year is beginning. For some this brings the excitement of re-connection with friends, the fun of stationery shopping, and the thrill of new learning. For others, however, this time of year can be like the chilling anticipation of a judge handing down a sentence for 10 months of fear, apprehension, emotional pain and … Read More

Helping Refugees – Trauma and Transformation

Vicki Enns

refugees, trauma, trauma-informed, refugee crisis, syria

With millions of people needing to flee their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the world, the stories of refugee individuals and families will interweave with people all over the world.  If you are one offering support in some fashion, how will your own story be influenced by theirs? Many of us as helpers are familiar with stories … Read More

Developmental Trauma – 3 Ways to Build Secure Healing Relationships

Vicki Enns

developmental trauma, trauma-informed, mental health, counselling, counseling, therapy, mental health

Trauma has become a household word used in everyday vocabulary.  The real deal is anything but an everyday experience, however.  The word trauma usually evokes images of threatening or devastating events such as near-death accidents, assaults, wars, or natural disasters. More common, and sometimes overlooked, are the experiences that involve persistent doses of fear and helplessness within the daily relationships … Read More

5 Surprising Gifts of Anxiety

Vicki Enns

anxiety, benefits of anxiety, mental health, well-being, self-improvement

Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you believe your life would be better if you could just get your anxiety to go away, or if it never bothered you in the first place? Have you considered that your anxiety may be able to help you? What if it actually makes you a stronger person and can improve your life in … Read More

Mindfulness: 5 Easy Steps to Begin

Vicki Enns

mindfulness, self-care, intention, well-being, practice

Mindfulness – chances are you already know a little bit about it. It’s said to be able to help anybody and can take only minutes of your day, which is part of its popularity. Does this have you rushing to the nearest self-help section of the bookstore? Or, more likely, searching for mindfulness tips and tricks online to achieve the … Read More