What’s Your Relationship with Alcohol?

John Koop Harder

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Recently my family had a fantastic new experience – an all-inclusive trip to a resort in Mexico where a great time was had by all. Near the end of the trip, my 15-year-old son expressed his need to eat nothing but kale and carrots after overeating during the trip. For many people, vacations can encourage over-indulgence in both food and … Read More

How Do You Look After Yourself?

John Koop Harder

resilience, self-care, trauma, trauma-informed, helper, helping profession

Awhile back, a new client asked me an important question (a question I encourage all people to ask their counsellors): “How do you look after yourself”? He then proceeded to tell me that if he was to work with me regarding his experience of trauma, he needed to know I was healthy. As helpers, we often ask our clients about … Read More

A Conversation with Grief

John Koop Harder

grief, loss, mental health, therapy, counselling, self-care

In my work as a counsellor, I am often asked about strategies to move past the grief.  Grief is uncomfortable and painful and takes time and effort to deal with it.  However, if grief was a container and we had the opportunity to look into it, we would see that it can teach us about what is important in our … Read More

Anticipating Loss – Exercising Grief Muscles

John Koop Harder

grief, loss, anticipating loss, mental health, self-help, counselling, social work, therapy, self-care

  Sorrows are our best educators.  A person can see further through a tear than a telescope. -Lord Byron   Reflecting on loss and grief can teach us a lot about ourselves, our values, and our hopes if we have the courage to look loss in the eye.  As a therapist, I work a lot with others’ grief.  Loss is … Read More

4 Things Sara Wants You to Know About Depression

John Koop Harder

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Depression and isolation are kind of like the mean girls of mental health. They are BFFs. And it’s decidedly not a healthy relationship. They spend most of their time with one another, often to the total exclusion of others, and they hate it when other influences interfere with their relationship. Isolation serves Depression and Depression thrives in Isolation. Theirs is … Read More