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Wendy Loewen

Wendy Loewen, Speaker at ACHIEVE's Women in Leadership Conference

Topic: Women in Leadership – Where We Are in 2020

In this presentation, Wendy explores how women can face the current challenges of the workplace, and how they can harness their collective strength to create healthier organizations and communities. She will reveal the significant results of ACHIEVE’s recent Women in Leadership survey. Wendy will challenge you to strive for equity for all.


Wendy is the Director of Training at ACHIEVE, and the co-author of the book, The Culture Question. In her work as a mediator, speaker, and facilitator she is committed to helping organizations create dynamic and engaging places of work where people care about each other, are productive, and deliver quality services and products. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education, and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management. Wendy is a former teacher and director of a health and social services program. She believes that learning is a dynamic and life-long endeavor and with commitment, guidance, and individualized support, this process should be enjoyable and motivating. Wendy is an engaging presenter who delivers material in a format that maximizes the learning potential for all participants.

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