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Heather Woodward, MSW, RSW

Photo of Heather Woodward, Trainer at CTRI

Topic: Vicarious Trauma – Strategies for Resilience

This is a session for the busy and the overloaded. Between work, family, and personal commitments, many women juggle a lot of balls – but how many are also secretly afraid of dropping one at any minute? In this session, Catherine discusses what it means to be overwhelmed, and the real impacts it can have on our happiness and productivity. She asks the question, “What if doing less can actually help you achieve more and contribute more deeply?” Catherine presents proven strategies to move from feeling overloaded to focused, and will show you how to make a shift in your thinking that will allow for the time and energy that you need to really enjoy your days.


Helpers regularly encounter stories and symptoms of trauma in their roles. There is growing evidence that the impact of directly supporting others through experiences of trauma goes beyond burnout or fatigue. The toll of witnessing intense human experiences and emotions can contribute to a negative transformation of a helper’s own sense of safety, and of being competent and purposeful. This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to examine their own experiences and become aware of the signs of both vicarious trauma and vicarious growth. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a personalized plan to repair negative effects as well as accelerate their resilience.



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