Looking for a more efficient way to teach new or existing staff about skills specific to your organization? CTRI’s customized videos are the solution!

How it Works

  1. Talk to us about your needs.
  2. Together, we will determine the length, content, and appropriate platform for making the video – including if a testing component is required.
  3. You have access to the video for as many people and as long as you need.
Example of a Video Using our Webinar Platform
At the end of this six minute video about trauma-informed care, you will see an example of a testing component.
Example of One Type of Video We Can Create

Case Study Example

We adapted our full-day De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations workshop by adding some specific content and polices that were unique to the organization we were training in. After we taught all of their staff in-person, they were looking for an efficient way to train new hires, but continuing in-person training didn’t make financial sense for the 1-4 people who would need to be trained each month. Given our understanding of the organization’s unique needs, we were easily able to create a training video for them to show new staff.

Looking for Content Ideas?

We already have a collection of one-hour webinars on a range of topics and skills, and the material found in them can be easily adapted to fit your needs – in both length or content. When working with clients, we often find that we have the base material already, but clients will want to add certain components to the training that are unique to them. If you have not viewed our webinars before, you can find an example of one here.

Contact Chantel to Discuss your Customized Video Needs

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