Nathan is the Managing Director for CTRI. He holds a Master of Social Work degree and is the author of the CTRI Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder workshop and resources. Before coming to CTRI, Nathan implemented treatment and rehabilitation planning for repeat offenders with an FASD diagnosis. He specializes in maintaining a balance between a collaborative systems approach while drawing on the strengths of the individual.

Nathan’s relationship with FASD is informed by a lifetime of experience supporting people with FASD. He’s had the privilege of serving as a one-on-one support staff, rehabilitation coordinator, therapist, case manager, school social worker, government service funder, as well as having a lifetime of friendships with people on the spectrum. These multiple vantage points have emphasized the importance of always looking beyond our own perspective to address the whole person within their context.

Nathan believes that despite this hidden physical injury, people with FASD can find great success in their lives. To achieve this, it is imperative that ‘poor fit’ scenarios are recognized and improved. This happens through developing healthy relationships and personal self-awareness, and employing a host of strength-based strategies.