PTSD Awareness – Become Trauma-Informed

Vicki Enns

PTSD, trauma-informed, counselling, mental health

Anyone can be affected by post-traumatic stress. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not only for mental or physical health professionals to know about. It is essential that everyone become trauma-informed in order to prevent PTSD, to protect and seek help for themselves or loved ones, and to mitigate the ongoing effects that can build over time from a traumatic experience. Increasing … Read More

3 Pillars & Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach

Vicki Enns

trauma-informed, trauma, mental health, mental illness, self-care, counselling, therapy

You have probably heard a lot of buzz around being trauma-informed as it’s a term that is becoming increasingly embraced. Many organizations are actively seeking out ways to ensure their programming and services are fit for this label, which means they are engaging in the following pillars of trauma-informed care: Awareness of the prevalence of trauma, and how common it … Read More

Understanding Trauma

Vicki Enns

trauma, understanding trauma, traumatic, mental health, self-care, counselling, therapy, mental illness

What is a common public health threat that often goes unacknowledged and untreated – even by many caregivers and public health professionals?  The pervasiveness of trauma and its widespread impact on a person’s life often keep it hidden under physical, emotional or behavioural symptoms that don’t get recognized for what they are.  Without recognition, this all too common phenomenon can … Read More

Trauma: The Brain-Body-Mind Connection

Michelle Gibson

trauma, trauma-informed, body-mind connection, holistic, mental health, calm

Last month’s blog highlighted the ever more utilized term of trauma. As that post stated, trauma is used here to refer to an experience that is fear-inducing and shocks one’s experience of self and experience with the outside world. An experience of trauma triggers the brain’s fight-flight-freeze response system (also known as the autonomic nervous system). This sends an automatic … Read More

Developmental Trauma – 3 Ways to Build Secure Healing Relationships

Vicki Enns

developmental trauma, trauma-informed, mental health, counselling, counseling, therapy, mental health

Trauma has become a household word used in everyday vocabulary.  The real deal is anything but an everyday experience, however.  The word trauma usually evokes images of threatening or devastating events such as near-death accidents, assaults, wars, or natural disasters. More common, and sometimes overlooked, are the experiences that involve persistent doses of fear and helplessness within the daily relationships … Read More

Why We Need a Trauma-Informed Justice System

Judah Oudshoorn

trauma-informed justice, rehabilitation, trauma, abuse, justice system, youth

For Those Who Work with Youth in Conflict with the Law Consider the following three vignettes: A middle-aged man overdoses on crack cocaine and is found dead in a rooming house by the landlord (…after his parole officer phones with regard to his whereabouts). A teenager is caught breaking into a house in a suburban part of a city by … Read More

Intergenerational Trauma, Healing, and Resiliency

Elizabeth Shein

intergenerational trauma, trauma, trauma-informed, indigenous, truth and reconciliation

Leaving Home “I still remember the smell of the cold metal inside the float plane. It took me far away from home and I was never the same after that . . . They took my culture, they took my language, they took me from my family, my people, the animals, my land, everything I knew and loved.” In a … Read More