4 Strategies for Developmental Trauma Work

Vicki Enns

Traumatic experiences during childhood and adolescent development can have a distinct shaping influence on the rest of one’s life. Not every bump and bruise will have an impact, and many events will be completely forgotten. However, overwhelming or threatening experiences may yield a traumatic impact and weave themselves into the ongoing development of a person’s body and mind. There are … Read More

The Spaces Between Us – Two Voices on Reconciliation

Noela Crowe-Salazar

These are the personal reflections of Noela Crowe-Salazar and Vicki Enns, intended to help one another tap into resiliency by walking toward reconciliation and healing together. Click below to listen to Noela and Vicki. [Noela] I am a citizen of Cowessess First Nation in Treaty Four territory. I am a Sixties Scoop survivor, and my father attended Lebret Residential School … Read More

Helping Refugees – Trauma and Transformation

Vicki Enns

With millions of people needing to flee their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the world, the stories of refugee individuals and families will interweave with people all over the world.  If you are one offering support in some fashion, how will your own story be influenced by theirs? Many of us as helpers are familiar with stories … Read More

Tips for Supporting Others Through Grief and Loss

John Koop Harder

grief, loss, death, suicide, supporting others, counselling, therapy, helper, mental health, grieving

When someone experiences a loss, it demands their attention. It is all they can see, hear, and feel. That is why counsellors and helpers need to support others with self-compassion and explore “What has been lost?” “What has changed?” and “What remains?” Helping others reflect on these questions is an important part of learning to sit with grief. Throughout the … Read More

3 Counselling Strategies for Trauma Healing

Michelle Gibson

trauma, trauma healing, mental health, mental illness, ptsd, counselling, therapy

One of the primary goals of trauma counselling is to slow down and notice the difference between emotions, bodily sensations, and thoughts. When heart rate increases (physique) out of fear (emotion), then the thought “I am not safe” (cognition) emerges. This leads to a brain-body-mind connection that is overwhelming and that can push a person outside of their window of … Read More

Dismantling the Colonial Box

Cindy Deschenes

colonialism, colonization, indigenous, reconciliation, diversity, culture

In 2009, I began working on something I call the colonial box theory (colonial box for short). It was a physical manifestation of my thinking, reflections, and observations first sparked by the knowledge and wisdom of two First Nations individuals: Harold Tookenay (Anishinaabe from Long Lac First Nation, Ontario) and Angie Louie (Crow from Crow Agency, Montana). Harold wowed me … Read More

The Power of Shifting Judgement to Curiosity

Nathan Gerbrandt

shifting judgement to curiosity, judgement, judgemental, trauma-informed, mental health

We are surrounded by judgement. I think in many ways we actually enjoy it. I feel this personally, like a defense mechanism that kicks in to build myself up at the expense of another. And it’s everywhere! It’s in the shows we watch, political discourse, social media, and unfortunately it even sneaks into our interactions with colleagues and those we … Read More

5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Nathan Gerbrandt

trauma-informed, workplace health, human resources, leadership, workplace culture, trauma-informed workplace

The following information comes from A Little Book about Trauma-Informed Workplaces, written by myself, Randy Grieser, and Vicki Enns. Trauma is prevalent in our world and its effects can ripple out, shaping our interactions and relationships at home and at work. It even affects whole organizations by impacting the ways in which we do our work, serve our clients, and … Read More

3 Go-To Elements for Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Nathan Gerbrandt

trauma-informed workplace, trauma informed, trauma, mental health, mental illness, workplace culture, depression, anxiety, empathy, understanding

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, writing, and speaking about Trauma-informed care lately. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart. In fact, Vicki Enns, Randy Grieser, and I have just finished a new book called A Little Book About Trauma-Informed Workplaces. We hope it will serve as a guide to those wanting to make their workplace more … Read More

How to Recognize the Trauma Behind the Response to Racism

Shadell Permanand

racism, trauma, black lives matter, #blacklivesmatter, trauma-informed, conversation, dialogue, self-care

Author’s Note: I am Canadian, originally from Winnipeg, and I lived in Toronto for 15 years as an adult. I’ve been living in Chicago since 2011 and I work in the areas of conflict resolution, restorative justice, and diversity and inclusion. I see myself as an ally, and I write this from the perspective of a cisgender person of colour … Read More