3 Ideas for Building Healthy Relationships

Vicki Enns

Building Healthy Relationships in Adulthood Human beings are relational. We are social creatures, and we need to be connected to others throughout our lives. This is easily understood in infancy and childhood, when we know that having reliable, safe, and emotionally nurturing adult caregivers is essential for healthy child development. However, this need for reliable relationships does not end as … Read More

4 Tips for Navigating Family Conflict

Lana Dunn

Conflict is usually seen as negative or something to be avoided. There is even a myth that there is no place for conflict in a happy or “functional” family. However, the truth is that conflict exists, and it can be a healthy part of engaging with others. While poorly handled conflict can break ties, decrease trust, and damage communication, conflict … Read More

3 Ways to Avoid Conflict and Improve Relationships

Mike Labun

conflict, conflict resolution, relationships, communication, questions, family

“I wonder what it’s like to be married to you…” I turned. The workshop participant was behind me, to the side, looking thoughtful, pensive, and curious. It wasn’t a pick-up, but a pondering. I have taught conflict resolution skills for 20 years and it’s a question I occasionally get asked. While all my training is workplace-related, the application in the … Read More

6 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Person

Eric Stutzman

conflict resolution, de-escalation, mediation

When I started teaching conflict resolution skills many years ago, I believed that simply using those skills would solve most problems. I was naïve. People kept coming to me and saying something like, “Eric, these skills are great, but what do you do about the person who is just DIFFICULT?” After some years of experience, I realized that they were … Read More

5 Steps for Effective Conflict Resolution

Alana Abramson

conflict resolution, argument, interpersonal, conversation, mental health

Conflict is opportunity.  Although many of us find conflict stressful, conflict has many benefits. As a mediator, I have witnessed the strong emotions produced by conflict.  I have also seen how conflict dealt with in a healthy way can enhance our problem-solving capabilities, increase productive communication, promote self-awareness and build relationships.  When we avoid conflict or become confrontational or aggressive, … Read More

6 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Wendy Loewen

how to be a better listener, listening, conversation skills, self-improvement, mental health

Everyone listens. We listen every day, but not all of us think of listening as a skill to be developed. Listening is a quiet, internal stance and it is easy to overlook. Like most worthwhile endeavours, learning to listen well is worthy of both our attention and effort. I thought long and hard about how to write a blog about … Read More

5 Tips for Delivering Difficult News

Lynda Monk

delivering difficult news, difficult conversations, interpersonal communication, sensitivity

Depending on your role at work, there may be times when you are tasked with delivering difficult news to an individual or a group of people. When I look back on my career so far, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur for the past 15 years, delivering difficult news stands out as some of the more stressful moments … Read More

Domestic Violence: Mind Your Business by Making It Your Business!

Sheri Coburn

domestic violence, domestic violence awareness month, awareness

Since 1987, November has officially been Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It seems obvious what the purpose of any formally designated awareness-raising month is: stand up for the cause, donate any resources you have to offer, increase awareness, work to eradicate, and remember those impacted. But less obvious is what this equates to the other 11 months of the year. What … Read More

Tips for Practicing Mindful Listening

Elizabeth Shein

mindful listening, mindfulness, listen, present, mindful communication

How often do you find yourself in a conversation with a friend, partner, or colleague and realize you have no idea what was just said? If you are like most people, it happens every day, and often. We live in a fast-paced world and our minds are often scattered and unruly. You might even be interested in what’s being said, … Read More