Getting the Helping Relationship Right

Kevin Singh

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What follows are three relationship dynamics that you may recognize in those you support. This knowledge will help you better analyze the helper–client relationship and stop potential mishaps before they even happen. It’s important to understand these three main categories as they apply to ourselves and our relationships. Co/Dependent Relationships This is the worst type of relationship. It’s when one … Read More

4 Principles for Couple Counselling

Vicki Enns

couple counselling, relationship counselling, couple relationships, therapy, couples therapy

[Excerpt from Counselling in Relationships] The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships: Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections. The “Couple Relationships” chapter explores the power of patterns that develop in love relationships which can either lead to disconnection or further connection. Counsellors can learn to interrupt these patterns and facilitate deepening intimacy and trust. There are many … Read More

How to Support Someone Through Grief

Galya Chatterton

grief, supporting someone through grief, helping someone through grief, self-care, therapy, counselling, mental health

When I was 18, my friend (I’ll call her Caden) lost her most important caregiver – her grandmother. Caden was transformed by grief and I felt helpless. I desperately wanted to provide some solace for her, and yet I said nothing. I felt paralyzed by not knowing how to reach out. Months later, I sobbingly apologized: “I’ve been a bad … Read More

How to Build Resilient Communities

Nataschaa Chatterton

resilient communities, building community, negativity bias, mental health, self-care

In this time of global change, we must meet our needs closer to home and rely on community more than ever. What is a community? Community is not a place or its people – it’s a feeling. It exists among people, and consists of feelings of belonging, trust, and acceptance. Community is created when people strive to meet common needs. … Read More

Pink Shirt Day – Let’s Put an End to Bullying

Lana Dunn

pink shirt day, bullying, bully, bullies, youth, children, school, counselling, teacher, counsellor

Wednesday February 24th, 2021 is Pink Shirt Day. A Canadian initiative, the idea began at a rural high school in Nova Scotia when a grade 9 boy was harassed for wearing a pink shirt to school. Two senior male students decided enough was enough, and launched the first Day of Pink to invite folks to take a stand against discrimination … Read More

3 Ways to Experience Joy with Others

Vicki Enns

joy, experiencing joy, happiness, contentment, self-help, mental health, gratitude, movement, breathing

After counselling for over 25 years, I have become increasingly focused on how I can stay emotionally healthy in both my personal and professional life. Counselling work has its unique rewards and challenges, including the inevitability that I will be changed by the people I support. Both their sorrow and their joy will impact me. This may sound like I’m … Read More

How to Overcome Codependency

Jody Lambert

codependency, codependent behaviour, codependent relationship, overcoming codependency, self-improvement, relationships, mental health, counselling, therapy

Is it codependency or simply a desire to be connected? Although these concepts may sound similar to each other, they are vastly different. Having a secure connection is the ability to balance a healthy exploration of the world around us with a relationship we can return to when there is a need to be held, supported, or celebrated by the … Read More

5 Principles for Talking Politics with Friends and Family

Aaron Lyons

politics, discussing politics, family conflict, political views, discussion

How do you engage in discussions about politics with those you care about? For many, the answer is “I don’t!” Others engage eagerly in these discussions, but find themselves repeatedly caught in the muck of destructive conflict. There is another way – one that allows for respectful discourse and even strengthened relationships. In 2007, I was invited to participate in … Read More

4 Ways to Practice Humility in Relationships

Natalie Imbach

It seems to me that the very basis of humility requires an acknowledgment and acceptance of our fundamental human need for relationships. Relationships enable us to experience and meet our needs for connection, belonging, acceptance, and love. Several years ago, I attended a conference where the speaker referred to the human body as a “skin suit” that, once unzipped, reveals … Read More

Strengthen Relationships Through Positive Connections

Vicki Enns

What is of one of your favourite memories of a loved one? Try and think of one that has the power to help you feel calm, more secure, or just a little better about life. These memories hold an important key to helping us strengthen relationships through positive connections. I can remember my mom brushing out my hair before bedtime … Read More