How to Stop Wasting Time

Sheri Coburn

time, time management, self-care, well-being

If I had a penny for every time I heard “I don’t have time,” “If only I had the time,” or “I’ll have time when I’m dead,” I would be rich. This seeming lack of time has become the new politics: we are invested in complaining about it, yet feel powerless to change it. Our culture of martyrdom, perfectionism, helicopter … Read More

Mindful Eating – #stormchips Trending

Elizabeth Shein

mindful eating, eating, food, chips, awareness, attention, gratitude

I live in Atlantic Canada and right now we are in the midst of yet another snow storm. As a result, weather reporters are urging us to stock up on “Storm Chips.” This phenomenon blew up a year ago when Stephanie Domet, a CBC radio host in Halifax, tapped into the zeitgeist in the Maritimes. Storm coming? Better get my … Read More