How to Improve Well-Being Through Grit and Gratitude

Vicki Enns

well-being, grit and gratitude, gratitude journal, journaling, mental health, routine, reflection, self-reflection

What promotes positive mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health? This can sometimes be a frustrating pursuit, with confusing and contradictory messages of what we need to become more resilient and improve our overall well-being. Most of us already do many things in our daily lives in the hope of staying or becoming healthier. I have been encouraged by my … Read More

5 Ways to Experience Joy Through Your Senses

Marwa Fadol

The new year often heralds a time of reflection, change, and rejuvenation. However, the pandemic we’re currently living through has potentially changed this for many of us. In my recent work with a client, we spent some time talking about ways in which she’s managed to combat anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Around the same time, I was chatting with … Read More

3 Priorities for Having a Difficult Conversation

Nadine Groves

difficult conversations, conflict

Why did I say that?! Why did I react that way? Why did I say nothing? I betrayed myself! Doing a postmortem on conversations is rarely a pastime people talk about, but it’s something we all do. This is especially true while navigating life during an ongoing pandemic – opinions, needs, and risk tolerance vary, and we may not agree … Read More

Tips for Embracing Adversity – Lessons From a Canoe Trip

Wilma Schroeder

adversity, challenge, overcoming challenges, self-development, self-care, achievement

I and nine other women, ages 23 to 63, stand huddled together under a big tarp, soaking wet despite our rain gear. We have just canoed across a lake in the pouring rain, and we’re struggling to get a fire lit. There’s no point changing our clothes because it continues to pour. And it’s early September, not cold out yet … Read More

How to Bring Reason Back Into Conversations

Trish Harper

difficult conversations, conflict, touchy subject, disagree

We often allow our predetermined beliefs to guide how we relate to other people. Look no further than politicians who speak about each other or groups they disagree with, using negative and, at times, highly charged rhetoric. I don’t know about you, but I find some despair and anxiety seeping into my psyche every time I read about, witness, or … Read More

Core Beliefs – Are They Helping or Hindering You?

Lori McIssac Bewsher

core beliefs, beliefs, self-reflection, self-care, journaling, values, actions, behaviours, mental health

If I asked you to describe yourself, what would you say? Are you good at managing projects and people? Or maybe you prefer to spend more time alone tending to independent tasks. The way you describe yourself offers insight into the core beliefs that influence how you live your life and make decisions. A core belief is essentially a framework … Read More

Sleeping Single – Limiting Screen Time for Better Connection

Heather Woodward

screen time, screen addiction, tech addiction, reducing screen time, cell phone use, smart phone use, smartphone addiction

When we take our phones or devices to bed, we are literally tucking trauma/stress into bed with us. We’re choosing to sleep with our workplaces, clients, families, and all of our social connections and obligations – never mind what we see on social media and in the news. We are going to bed each night with all the things we’re … Read More

The “Elephant Sisterhood” – and The Importance of Asking for Help

Trish Harper

community, compassion, community, health, wellness, self-care, mental health

“Well, it looks like I have a touch of the breast cancer.” These words fell from my friend’s mouth with a thud after she learned the news of some long-awaited medical tests. Although her smile disguised shock and sadness, all of our eyes were moist with tears. Her devastating diagnosis took place just a few weeks before the strange new … Read More

How to Rewrite Your Own Story – Lessons From Narrative Therapy

Wilma Schroeder

narrative therapy, story, stories, stories we tell, therapy, counselling, mental health, mental illness, anxiety, depression, self-talk, self-care

What would your story be if you were to write a book or movie script about yourself? What events would you include? What would the theme(s) be? What characters would you include? We all have stories that we tell ourselves and others, about who we are and what our experiences mean. I came across this concept some years ago, and it … Read More

Giving Yourself Permission to Slow Down During COVID-19

Alexis Power

permission, slow down, self-care, boundaries, covid-19, pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways in which we navigate our daily lives. Prior to the pandemic, our place and pace in the world often excelled at a rate that left little time for self-reflection, personal examination, and questioning. With all of the shifts we’ve had to make, a topic that has come to mind for me is permission. … Read More