Self-Injury Behaviour – Tips for Families and Caregivers

Michelle Bentley

depression, mental health, anxiety, self-care, counselling, therapy

Why would someone injure themselves through cuts, burns, or hitting? From the outside, it can be shocking and incomprehensible why someone would self-injure. From the inside, it is a way of coping with deep emotional distress that the person does not know how to tolerate, manage, or change. The self-injurer is usually not suicidal and generally tries to keep their … Read More

What’s the deal with “Mental Health”?

Michelle Bentley

mental health, mental illness, well-being, self care, wellness

Our understanding of mental health is changing. On days when I am rushing between commitments and feeling frazzled, when I overreact in a hurtful way to something someone does or says (usually someone I care about, too!), or when I find myself forgetting what intent took me from one room to another, then I don’t feel very mentally healthy. A … Read More