10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Elizabeth Shein

winter blues, seasonal affective disorder, sad, mental health, well-being, holidays, winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and you may not be feeling so delightful. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do both to prevent the winter blues and improve your mood. More than half the people living in places where there are four seasons report having the “winter blues” – a mild depression characterized by a lack of motivation and low energy. … Read More

Suicide Ideation: 5 Myth-Busting Facts

AnnMarie Churchill

suicide ideation, suicidal thoughts, mental health, well-being, help

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing the topic of suicide? Do you worry that broaching the topic will make matters worse – possibly incite suicide thoughts or actions? Many people still believe the myth that asking questions about suicide thoughts or plans will give a distressed person the idea of suicide. This mistaken belief often causes people to avoid the issue … Read More

5 Surprising Gifts of Anxiety

Vicki Enns

anxiety, benefits of anxiety, mental health, well-being, self-improvement

Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you believe your life would be better if you could just get your anxiety to go away, or if it never bothered you in the first place? Have you considered that your anxiety may be able to help you? What if it actually makes you a stronger person and can improve your life in … Read More

6 Tips for Improving Mental Health

Lynda Monk

world mental health day, mental health, awareness, self-care, well-being

“Mental well-being is bigger than the presence or absence of a mental illness. People who live with a mental illness can and do thrive, just as people without a mental illness may experience poor mental health.” -Canadian Mental Health Association, 2014 World Mental Health Day happens every year on October 10. This dedicated day has the goal of raising awareness … Read More

Mental Health Week – Time for a Checkup!

Michelle Bentley

mental health, mental health week, self-care, well-being, tips, strategies, mental illness, learning

Mental Health Week is a great opportunity to consider what steps you need to take to safeguard or improve your thoughts, emotional concerns, stress level, relationships, health, and balance among all aspects of your life. How can each of us know when our mental health is not as good as it could be? What following areas of your mental health … Read More

Borderline Personality Disorder – Moving Beyond the Label

Sheri Coburn

Borderline personality disorder, borderline, BPD – whatever the chosen label, the mere mention of it causes a definite reaction among most people. Those diagnosed often experience a sense of powerlessness, confusion, anger, or refusal to accept. After all, how are you supposed to react when your personality is being called into question? How do you change your personality? Family members … Read More

Self-Injury Behaviour – Tips for Families and Caregivers

Michelle Bentley

depression, mental health, anxiety, self-care, counselling, therapy

Why would someone injure themselves through cuts, burns, or hitting? From the outside, it can be shocking and incomprehensible why someone would self-injure. From the inside, it is a way of coping with deep emotional distress that the person does not know how to tolerate, manage, or change. The self-injurer is usually not suicidal and generally tries to keep their … Read More

What’s the deal with “Mental Health”?

Michelle Bentley

mental health, mental illness, well-being, self care, wellness

Our understanding of mental health is changing. On days when I am rushing between commitments and feeling frazzled, when I overreact in a hurtful way to something someone does or says (usually someone I care about, too!), or when I find myself forgetting what intent took me from one room to another, then I don’t feel very mentally healthy. A … Read More