How to Manage the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Amber Dalsin

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Physical symptoms of anxiety can be frightening and upsetting – their overwhelming nature can rock your world within minutes, leaving you fearful and drained. Maybe you feel your heart wildly beating in your chest, experience chest pain that makes you think you’re having a panic attack, or have the overwhelming feeling you are going crazy. The sudden onslaught of symptoms … Read More

3 Tips to Manage the Winter Blues

Amber Dalsin

Every year, the summer turns to fall, and the fall turns to winter. A lot of us have been going to the same job, doing the same work, and talking with the same people. However, as the days are filled with increasing darkness and dropping temperatures, those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may notice feelings of sadness or depression. So, … Read More

4 Keys For Helping Someone With a Mental Illness

Wilma Schroeder

Someone you care about has a mental illness – what do you do? The temptation is to try to persuade the person to think or act differently, but that doesn’t work very well. You end up arguing and talking in circles, only to get frustrated with each other. What now? 1. It’s all about the relationship If your goal is … Read More

5 Pillars to Support Someone with FASD

Nathan Gerbrandt

Imagine wearing a pair of badly fitting shoes day in and day out. What would this do to your walk, to your well-being? You’d develop blisters and foot pain. Continuing to wear the shoes would hamper your movement – you’d likely change how you walk, maybe limp a bit. You’d be frustrated, a little more irritable and you would definitely … Read More

3 Comforting Ways to Grieve the Loss of Family & Friends

Lynda Monk

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The deep sadness of grief can be one of the most gripping emotions we face as human beings. Losing a loved one, or friend, or pet, or a colleague, can leave us feeling devastated, heartbroken, confused, and angry. Grief can also call forth the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit. Bereavement is the general stage of being that results … Read More

5 Important Things to Know About Self-Injury

Kimberly Enns

self-injury, self-harm, suicide, youth, children, teens, support, parenting, mental health, emotion regulation, anxiety, depression

“What do I do now?” whispers the mom through her tears as the reality of what I have just disclosed begins to sink in. Her daughter is cutting, and has been secretly doing so for months. A combination of disbelief, panic, anger, and despair ripple across her face. As a counsellor, I find myself walking alongside the parents of youth … Read More

4 Keys to Breaking the Cycle of Relapse

Wilma Schroeder

For those who live with any kind of long-lasting mental health concerns or emotional issues, the threat of relapse is always present. But we don’t need to sit passively, “waiting for the next shoe to drop,” as the saying goes. There are things that you and your family or friends can do to reduce the frequency and severity of relapse. … Read More

Food for Thought: Nutrition’s Impacts on Mental Health

Wilma Schroeder

We all know that what we eat has an impact on our physical health, but what about our mental health? A growing body of research since the 1990s suggests that nutrition can play a key role in mental health, including major mental illnesses. This ought not to surprise us; after all, what we eat and drink provides the basis for … Read More

Autism and Anxiety: 5 Ways to Be a Support

Kalyn Falk

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To someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an anxiety burst feels like an internal hurricane: overwhelming, devastating, and intense. The only response is to batten down the hatches and shut down, or to let the hurricane out to express itself in a variety of challenging behaviours, including injury to self and others. As we support individuals with ASD, we need … Read More

Depression: Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Danielle Forth

depression, depressed, anxiety, mental health, mental illness, self-care, counselling, therapy

At times our thoughts can be so convincing that we do not question their accuracy; we simply accept them at face value.  Whether we’re seeking a happier, more positive way of feeling or trying to cope with experiences of depression, we can make choices about how we feel and act by challenging the seemingly factual nature of our thoughts. Many … Read More