OCD Is More Common Than You Think

Melody Morin

OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental health, mental illness, counselling, therapy, self-care, anxiety, depression

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often a private struggle. Kids, youths, and adults alike may not feel comfortable sharing their intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I can speak to this experience firsthand; my child was diagnosed with OCD at 4 years old. My first role is as a mom, and my second is as a psychologist. What I have learned through my … Read More

How to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Kristen Deuzeman

psychological safety, workplace safety, mental health, workplace culture, employee well-being

In this climate of overwhelming discourse regarding burnout, workplace harassment, discrimination, and employee engagement, I have frequently been asked about what creates and sustains a psychologically safe workplace. Although workplaces can provide employees with meaning, purpose, and connection, they can also be stressful environments that negatively impact our mental health. We spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, … Read More

How to Reduce the Impact of Secondhand Emotions

Elaine Conrad

emotions, parenting, self-care, mental health, depression, anxiety, emotion regulation

We all experience emotions that dictate how we see and understand others and how they see and understand us. In turn, this plays a part in how we form opinions about the world around us and each other. Strong emotions sometimes create angst in our lives, which can inadvertently be felt by those around us. Recently I have felt the … Read More

5 Tips for Connecting From a Distance

John Koop Harder

connecting, covid-19, covid, pandemic, relationships, self-care, communication

“I’m sick of being sick; sick of being tired; sick of being alone. I’m sick of COVID-19!” This is how a conversation with my recently widowed mother began prior to the holidays. Many of us can relate to her frustrated declaration because the pandemic has affected us all. It’s hard enough on its own, but for those already struggling with … Read More

7 Self-Care Tips for Building Resilience

Marnie Stickley

building resilience, self-care, vicarious trauma, counselling, therapy, anxiety, depression, self-care

As counsellors and helpers, we know about vicarious trauma and burnout all too well. This is because many of us walk alongside folks who have experienced very painful things, including emotional and psychological abuse and/or physical and sexual violations and violence. I used to hear and read about self-care strategies early in my career, but they often didn’t resonate with … Read More

Coping During COVID-19 – Practicing Resilience

Vicki Enns

resilience during covid-19, coronavirus, mental health, self-care, counseling, therapy, anxiety, depression

Talking about coping and resilience during the pandemic has become a bit like discussing the weather. It’s on many of our minds when we wake up in the morning, and it’s become part of our regular small talk when we say hello. Although the “weather forecast” of COVID-19 differs depending on geography, we all need to be able to adapt … Read More

How to Practice Winter Wellness

Wilma Schroeder

winter wellness, self-care, seasonal depression, anxiety, mental health

For many of us, winter can be a difficult time. Shorter days and colder temperatures can contribute to depression and social isolation as we hunker down at home. With the added stress of the pandemic, we may be looking ahead to winter with foreboding. Yet there are ways to sustain our wellness despite the wintry weather. What can you do … Read More

How to Overcome Social Media Addiction

Janelle Jackiw

addiction, social media, internet, social media addiction, internet addiction, self-care, mental illness, mental health, counselling, therapy

When we think about addiction, we often think about drug and alcohol use. However, research is clear that individuals can get a similar “high” from using the internet, including social media. Scrolling through social media and browsing the internet are popular activities that most of us engage in without any problem or issue. However, there is a small percentage of … Read More

7 Ways to Calm Down Big Emotions

Nadine Groves

emotions, big emotions, calm down, anxiety, mental health, self-car, counselling, therapy, therapist, counsellor, emotion regulation

To say emotions are big is an understatement. Although shame, fear, sadness, and anger can sometimes be overpowering in a counselling session, I believe that sitting with people as they experience their emotions can be healing. But I also know that clients sometimes feel overwhelmed by their feelings. They want to regain control so they can carry on with the … Read More

How to Stop Rumination During Stressful Times

Tom Walker

rumination, anxiety, depression, self-care, cousnelling, therapy, counselor, therapist

As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety due to PTSD and other life experiences, I know how easy it is to get caught up in rumination. As a trainer, therapist, employee, husband, and father, rumination has brought me more pain than it has ever alleviated. In this blog, I want to give you some ideas on how to disrupt … Read More