LGBTQ2S* Pride – Moving Beyond June

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In June, communities around the world remember the challenges of the past for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and queer individuals, couples and families, and look to the challenges still ahead. In these communities, “Pride” is well recognized to refer to a time of celebration, of mourning, of advocacy and of expression of self without barriers. Held in June, “Pride” … Read More

How to Spot a Bully

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Bullying has become an increasingly prevalent topic in schools, homes, online, and in the workplace because this behaviour greatly affects the target. Victims of bullying behaviour feel unsafe in their workplace or school, and their mental health is impacted. A 2013 study published in the journal of Psychological Science found that “bullies, victims, and bully-victims are at risk for negative short … Read More

5 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Life and Work

Luke Whitmore

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I believe that all human beings are creative, and that creative thinking is a central part of self-expression.  Self-expression is a gift we give ourselves and the world.  Creativity, therefore, is at the heart of being fully engaged in life and work.  Creativity, like any other skill, can be fostered and developed.  Under the right conditions, the muse (creative inspiration) … Read More

7 Tips for Defusing Violent Situations

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“I am going to kick your ass!” Suddenly, and probably unexpectedly, you’re confronted by an angry person. How do you react? Your gut is telling you to run or fight yet it’s not always that simple. What if this is a student of yours? What if you are a support worker responsible for this individual? What if you’re a supervisor … Read More

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Working to End Abuse

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The United Nations (UN) has named June 15th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), building on the Plan of Action signed by all member countries in 2002. Perhaps you have noticed a senior gentleman on your street who sits out on the front porch day after day, and you have felt a twinge of concern that no matter what the weather … Read More

5 Principles of Restorative Justice for Your Community, School, or Organization

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Leaders and decision-makers in many settings are faced with the challenge of how to respond when people break rules and harm relationships. Restorative justice is an approach that can address violations while beginning the process of mending relationships. What is the most effective response when a student damages school property? What about when an employee uses discriminatory or aggressive language … Read More

Threats of Violence – Be Curious

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I recently attended a conference related to violence and the assessment for its potential. I have attended many of these conferences over the years and have often seen a common punitive response presented for those who utter threats or are viewed as having the potential to escalate towards violence. However, at the last conference I attended, I was pleasantly surprised … Read More