LGBTQ2S* Pride – Moving Beyond June

Vicki Enns

In June, communities around the world remember the challenges of the past for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and queer individuals, couples and families, and look to the challenges still ahead. In these communities, “Pride” is well recognized to refer to a time of celebration, of mourning, of advocacy and of expression of self without barriers. Held in June, “Pride” … Read More

5 Principles of Restorative Justice for Your Community, School, or Organization

Aaron Lyons

restorative justice, school, discipline, children, teachers, parents, reconciliation

Leaders and decision-makers in many settings are faced with the challenge of how to respond when people break rules and harm relationships. Restorative justice is an approach that can address violations while beginning the process of mending relationships. What is the most effective response when a student damages school property? What about when an employee uses discriminatory or aggressive language … Read More

Strategies for Coping During Troubling World Events

Wendy Loewen

Although the possibility of war has been in the news for weeks, I was still deeply unsettled when I heard that Russia had invaded Ukraine. I felt a sense of rising dread and helplessness as I wondered, What’s going to happen now? What should I do? The war is thousands of miles away, but I have heard from many people … Read More

5 Keys for De-escalating Anger

Nathan Gerbrandt

anger, anger de-escalation, violence prevention, self-care, mental health, front line workers, trauma, trauma-informed

As someone who coordinates training for groups throughout North America, I am struck that at a time of physical distancing, I’m seeing an increase in organizations expressing concern over the physical safety of their employees. And it’s not only from those who work in front line, health care, or public facing roles – anyone whose work requires them to be … Read More

Reflections on Land-Based Education

Noela Crowe-Salazar

land-based learning, indigenous teaching, elder, nature, forest bath, mindfulness, mental health

Recently, I was enjoying a long weekend Sunday morning at the lake. Surrounded by trees and foliage, I considered what I’ve been learning and revisiting this summer in regard to land-based education. What does this mean and how can we all navigate these teachings? Nehiyaw oma niya, I am Cree, and I will share a bit of what land-based education … Read More

How to Improve Your Relationship With Work

John Koop Harder

relationship with work, workplace culture, mental wellness, well-being at work

I love being a counsellor and trainer, but at times my appreciation for the work influences me to overextend myself. This impacts both myself and my other relationships. As a result, I need to beware of this so I can continue to be healthy in my relationship with my work. A while back I had a dream in which a … Read More

How to Practice Validation

Nadine Groves

validation, practicing validation, self-care, mental health

“I think you might be jealous, Mom” was something my 8-year-old said to me after listening to my complaints about work. His comment stopped me dead in my tracks – although I didn’t want to admit it, he was right! It felt like such a relief to have what I was feeling named and understood, especially in the way he … Read More

Reconciliation – 3 Keys to Understanding

Noela Crowe-Salazar

reconciliation, race, racism, dialogue, dialog, conversation, difficult conversation, BLM, Indigenous

I was having coffee with a friend at a socially-distanced cafe when we overheard a conversation on politics and elections at another table. Given the pending elections and current news in Nova Scotia about violence and racism in the lobster industry, it was not surprising to overhear discussions about these topics. The comment we overheard was, “We need to stop … Read More

6 Keys to Get and Stay Organized

Wendy Loewen

A friend recently had a house fire. She forgot a pot of soup broth on the stove. Her last memory was of the broth gently boiling. Hours later she returned to find her home filled with black smoke. The family has since moved into a hotel and the house is in the process of being steamed and scrubbed. Ever optimistic and in … Read More

7 Tips for Defusing Violent Situations

George Anderson

defusing violence, violence, violent, disarm, violent situation, safety, security

“I am going to kick your ass!” Suddenly, and probably unexpectedly, you’re confronted by an angry person. How do you react? Your gut is telling you to run or fight yet it’s not always that simple. What if this is a student of yours? What if you are a support worker responsible for this individual? What if you’re a supervisor … Read More