Tips for Using Laughter in Counselling

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Dave always begins and ends with a joke. However, the conversations between such bookends are anything but funny. In our meetings, Dave talks about his experiences of the chaos he survived growing up, and the intense effort it takes to leave this in the past. As I get to know Dave, he tells me humour is his way of dealing … Read More

3 Tips for Working with Grief

Luke Whitmore

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“How do I work with people who are stuck in their grief? You know, those people that are just not able to move on.” This is a common question people ask during my grief workshops. To tell you the truth, I don’t like the term “stuck” – especially when it comes to grief. The language of “stuckness” is rooted in … Read More

3 Tips for Working Effectively with BPD

Luke Whitmore

Have you ever had a confusing conversation with someone that left you questioning your own perceptual abilities? As a professional helper, this is often the case when working with people who have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It can be quite an uncomfortable experience for anyone, particularly if you take pride in your strong intuitive and interpersonal skills. I recently had … Read More

The Art of Asking Good Questions

Luke Whitmore

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“So John, what ideas have been important to you these last few years?” My first response was, “What a great question!” This was asked of me by my old friend Hektor when we recently reconnected after almost 20 years. I was stopped a bit short by the question and its depth, and I continue to reflect on it – to … Read More

How to Engage Dads in the Counselling Process

Luke Whitmore

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“Anyone can be a father (well, almost anyone). It can be as simple as having a bit of fun on a Friday night because being a father is merely being a part of creating life. However, there is a difference in being a dad. For me, being a dad means being involved, active, and engaged in the child’s life. The … Read More

Counselling Couples: 4 Challenges and 4 Strategies

Luke Whitmore

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Relationships are one of the most common topics people focus on in counselling. Adult couple relationships in particular are a frequent focus, and counsellors often discover there are unique challenges when we have two people as our counselling “client” rather than just one. I teach and supervise many counsellors who work with couples, and there are some common themes that … Read More

Vicarious Trauma to Vicarious Transformation

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A big part of my clinical work with people is focused on trauma – helping others respond, individual healing, and relationship repair after a traumatic event. As a result, I am frequently asked about how I stay positive and hopeful in the work that I do. People will hear that I support others who have experienced really horrible things, or endured hurtful … Read More

“John is a Good Guy.”

Luke Whitmore

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My career as a counsellor and trainer has taught me a lot. In fact, some of my greatest teachers have been the people I have worked with. One teaching I have been reflecting a lot on lately comes from Dave. Dave is a former client I invited to co-present with me at a training for working with men who have … Read More

Turning Complaints into Connection: Couple Relationships

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Winter can make me grouchy. Living in Manitoba, Canada, means winter holds many days of harsh, biting winds, and long nights of cold temperatures. Because of this, a recurring thought often runs through my mind: “When will this end and why do I live here?” As I sit with a couple in my office in the middle of winter, I … Read More

Tips For Working With Resistance To Change

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If you work in the helping field, you likely encounter the struggle and fear people often have toward change. It’s ironic isn’t it? People seek support when there is something they need to change or others want changed. Then they put great energy into avoiding, fighting off or procrastinating making any steps toward change. Why do people struggle with change? … Read More