Tips For Working With Resistance To Change

Rylaan Gimby

If you work in the helping field, you likely encounter the struggle and fear people often have toward change. It’s ironic isn’t it? People seek support when there is something they need to change or others want changed. Then they put great energy into avoiding, fighting off or procrastinating making any steps toward change. Why do people struggle with change? … Read More

7 Tips for Finding the Right Counsellor

Rylaan Gimby

man having a conversation with his therapist

So you have decided you are ready to seek a change, tackle a tough decision or perhaps find support to improve the way you are managing in your life. How do you find a professional counsellor or therapist to help you on this journey, who is the right match for your particular concerns or goals? 1. Find the Right Type … Read More

Tips for Using Laughter in Counselling

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happy psychiatrist with pencil

Dave always begins and ends with a joke. However, the conversations between such bookends are anything but funny. In our meetings, Dave talks about his experiences of the chaos he survived growing up, and the intense effort it takes to leave this in the past. As I get to know Dave, he tells me humour is his way of dealing … Read More

How Do You Look After Yourself?

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Awhile back, a new client asked me an important question (a question I encourage all people to ask their counsellors), “How do you look after yourself”? He then proceeded to tell me that if he was to work with me regarding his experience of trauma, he needed to know I was healthy. As helpers, we often ask our clients about … Read More

5 Actions Towards Longevity as a Helper

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young girl talking with counselor

Working in a helping or counselling role is a lot harder than it may seem – especially if you want to do it for a long time while still deriving satisfaction from it. Many people are drawn to the field because they are told they are a good listener, or maybe they’ve had their own relevant struggles and become stronger … Read More

A Conversation with Grief

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two people having a conversation about grief

In my work as a counsellor, I am often asked about strategies to move past the grief.  Grief is uncomfortable and painful and takes time and effort to deal with it.  However, if grief was a container and we had the opportunity to look into it, we would see that it can teach us about what is important in our … Read More

Counselling and LGBT2SQ+: Examine Yourself First

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psychologist talking to man

Across time and place, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning and intersex have faced an almost universal history of exclusion, discrimination, and violence.  The foundations of western civilization – including family, education, religion, medicine and justice – rest upon the assumption of, preference toward, and expectation for heterosexual union and cisgender expression[1]. These are communicated … Read More

Suicide Ideation – 5 Ways to Build Resilience

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Have you ever completed a suicide intervention and then wondered, “What am I supposed to do now?” Most of the information available to us on working with suicide focuses on the initial in-the-moment contact that we make with individuals who are in crisis. We learn how to look for warning signs and invitations, build rapport and approach, explore risk factors … Read More

8 Good Reasons to See a Counsellor

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There are many ways to increase health in our lives. Seeing a counsellor can play a unique role in your overall wellness plan. I recently heard someone liken going to counselling both to going to the doctor’s office and to taking a class. Counselling has the unique capacity to help relieve negative symptoms by addressing something that is already going … Read More

Suicide Ideation: 5 Myth Busting Facts

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Do you feel uncomfortable discussing the topic of suicide? Do you worry that broaching the topic will make matters worse – possibly incite suicide thoughts or actions? Many people still believe the myth that asking questions about suicide thoughts or plans will give a distressed person the idea of suicide. This mistaken belief causes people to avoid the issue altogether. … Read More