Typical Teenage Angst or Adolescent Anxiety?

Sheri Coburn

adolescent anxiety, teenage angst, youth, mental health

I don’t think it’s any secret that many of this generation’s adolescents are suffering. Many describe chronic worry, paralyzing fear of social situations, and an inability to manage the daily pressures of school, sports, or planning for their educational future. This leaves a wake of parents, teachers, and other caring supporters asking themselves, “Is this typical teenage angst or is … Read More

Celebrating International Youth Day

Lana Dunn

youth, international youth day, helping youth, counselling, well-being, millennial, generation y

International Youth Day takes place on August 12th. First designated by the United Nations in 1999, this day is designed both to celebrate the role of young people as agents of change and development in the world and to highlight the unique challenges they face. The Challenges Those of us who work with young people are well aware of the … Read More

Therapy Dogs and Children’s Trauma

Trish Harper

therapy dog, trauma, children and trauma, mental health, well-being, counselling, traumatic

Dogs have long been considered our most faithful companions. I did not fully understand the rewards of being a dog owner until my son and daughter – at the time ages 13 and 10 – convinced me it was time to find a canine companion. We decided to adopt the first dog we met through a local rescue agency. Enter Judy, … Read More