Children and Trauma: Strategies for Supporting

Trish Harper

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Dogs have long been considered our most faithful companions. I did not fully understand the rewards of being a dog owner until my son and daughter,  ages 13 and 10 at the time, convinced me to find a canine companion. We decided to adopt the first dog we met through a local rescue agency. Enter Judy, a 4-year-old pug mix. … Read More

Launching Children Into Adulthood

Lana Dunn

This month, our eldest child turns 20. He is more or less “launched”, and watching him and his two younger siblings blossom into remarkable young adults has been a fabulous, rewarding, and challenging journey. As I reflect on the past 20 years, I have come up with seven keys to raising perfect little babies into good, decent, respectful people. These … Read More

Childhood Resilience & The Role of Rhythm

Tricia Klassen

child, youth, resilience, parenting, caregiving, self-care, mental health, secure attachment

It recently occurred to me why my twelve-year-old son is so settled and calm after attending his karate class. Karate includes movement, pattern, and repetition. Karate provides a sense of rhythm. When we think of rhythm, images of music, drums, dancing, and marching bands are evoked. Rhythm is fun. However, this concept has a much deeper meaning in the role … Read More

Talking To Children About Tragedy

Lana Dunn

child, children, tragedy, parenting, mental health, self-care

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas dominated the news, the water cooler talk, the social media feeds. As the events unfolded, and in the days following, I thought often of what to tell my children, how to ensure I didn’t scare them, and how to make sure they received correct information from a trusted source. I suspect I am not … Read More

7 Tips for Creating a Safer School Year for LGBTQ+ Youth

Vicki Enns

lgbtq, safe space, queer, children, youth, self-care

It’s hard to believe the new school year is beginning. For some this brings the excitement of re-connection with friends, the fun of stationery shopping, and the thrill of new learning. For others, however, this time of year can be like the chilling anticipation of a judge handing down a sentence for 10 months of fear, apprehension, emotional pain and … Read More

5 Back to School Strategies for Your Child

Lynda Monk

back to school, parenting, children, youth

Whether your kids recently returned to school or are heading back soon (like mine), as parents, we all want to help our children transition back to school successfully! We want our kids to feel calm, happy and confident as they embark on their new school year, and we want to smoothly get back into the school routine within the family … Read More

4 Ways to Strengthen Attachment to Children

Marwa Fadol

attachment, attachment theory, children, youth, parenting, mental health

As humans, we have a consistent drive to connect, to attach. This drive is often most evident when we look at relationships between parents and children. As parents, I’m sure you can recall times when your children were hanging off your legs, trying to get your attention, or wanting to show you their artwork while you were in the middle … Read More

5 Ways to Form Stronger Attachment With Your Children

Kimberly Enns

attachment theory, parenting, bonding, secure attachment, children, youth, parents, mental health, family

Attachment, the pull of two people towards one another, is at the heart of relationships, whether or not we are aware of it.  When all is in order, we can simply follow our instincts.  But something has changed; societal structures for healthy child-parent attachments are no longer what they once were and we need to be more intentional about attachment … Read More

3 Basic Needs of People with Autism

Kalyn Falk

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Over the last two decades, autism awareness has grown exponentially as diagnostic rates have gone up. Some of the initial focus of Autism Awareness Day was on finding a cure for autism. But in the last several years, the focus has intentionally changed toward acceptance, neurodiversity and finding the most effective ways to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). … Read More

Children and Trauma: 7 Things to Know

AnnMarie Churchill

children and trauma, mental health, well-being, counselling, counseling, traumatic

Children are affected by events that threaten their safety and the safety of their parents and those who are close to them. Extreme negative events such as a motor vehicle accident, community disaster, loss of parent, animal attack, serious injury, or illness can cause children to sense the world as dangerous and unpredictable, resulting in traumatic reactions. For some children, … Read More