5 Tips for Helping Kids Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

Kimberly Enns

As a therapist working with individuals who are struggling as well as a parent of young children, I think a lot about how to help kids develop a healthy relationship with food. By healthy, I mean balanced, flexible, and peaceful. Here are five tips that I have found to be helpful in this aim: Avoid categorizing foods as “good” or … Read More

How to Help Youth with Video Game Addiction

Tricia Klassen

“Mom, I’m so stressed! I can’t stop. I can’t take it anymore. I hate my life!” were the words uttered by a 13-year-old male after his parents confronted him for lying about the amount of time he spent playing his favorite video game. His parents attempted to set limits on his gaming after they noticed he was becoming more irritable, … Read More

How to Help Children Make the Most of Summer

Lana Dunn

It’s almost summer vacation – the roughly eight weeks each year that kids live for and parents often dread. Cries of “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” can send many parents over the edge. But with a bit of pre-planning and the consideration of a few guidelines, the summer can not only be a great opportunity for children to … Read More

10 Keys to Building a Strong Family

Wendy Loewen

A strong family is not just the sum of its parts. Like an orchestra, it has synergy when all work together. My three children all play a stringed instrument. They have spent countless hours practicing and performing with the community orchestra. The conductor centres her attention on what the group can create when they come together. My children also take … Read More

3 Tips to Connect with Your Child

Tricia Klassen

“Wow, he’s finally getting out of the house for the weekend,” my husband and I remarked to each other this morning, after our almost 15-year-old son left for his high school band camp. This isn’t a statement I expected to make when I had teenagers. Our society not only emphasizes the autonomous nature of adolescence but goes as far as … Read More

Teens and Technology: 6 Strategies to Curb the Compulsion

John Koop Harder

My parents are so stupid. I can’t believe they are making me meet with you. This f..king sucks. They think I am addicted to video games. She’s on her phone all the time! So begin many of my initial meetings with families.  Parental and caregiver concerns over their child’s relationship with technology is a very common theme in my practice … Read More

3 Tips for Working with Teenagers

Trish Harper

parenting teenagers, parenting, adolescence, youth, children, mental health, self-care

In my household this school year, both of my kids are entering pivotal times in their young lives. My son is in grade 12 and will be expected to make some big decisions about what he will be doing with his life post-graduation. My daughter, however, is in grade 9 and is at the very beginning of her high school … Read More

How to Talk About Sex: 10 Tips from Youth

Wendy Loewen

talk about sex, sex talk, youth, children, young adult, teen, teenager, parenting, conversation, mental health, adolescence, sex talk, birds and the bees

I’ve always aimed for transparent and honest conversations with my children. When they were younger, I felt secure in talking about almost anything. When it came to sexuality, we named body parts correctly, looked at anatomy books, and discussed the bodily changes they could anticipate. Then the game changed. The rules changed. And my children changed. Puberty arrived! What they … Read More

Children Under Construction – Supporting Development

Trish Harper

“In America, there is big problem of shootings in schools. The NRA want to arm the teachers. This is crazy! We should be arming the children.”[1] – Colonel Erran Morad (satirical character played by Sacha Baron Cohen in Who is America?) In the first episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America?, he speaks to gun lobbyists and congressmen in … Read More

The Trauma of Family Separation

Trish Harper

Alan Sroufe, Professor Emeritus of Child Psychology at the University of Minnesota, describes the necessary bond between parent and child this way (as cited in Divecha, 2017):                Attachment is a relationship in the service of a baby’s emotion regulation and exploration.                 It is the deep, abiding confidence a baby has in the availability and responsiveness of the                 … Read More