How to Teach Mindfulness to Young Children

Sarah Cloutier

When I introduce mindfulness to my clients in counselling, I often hear, “I don’t have time for that!” – especially from those who care for and support young children. Yet everyone can benefit from mindfulness, starting from the very first years of life. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment, without judgement. It is becoming increasingly … Read More

4 Steps for Teaching Children to Manage Conflict

Elaine Conrad

conflict management, conflict, relationships, communication

Whether it’s in my private practice, my work at a busy clinic, or as a teacher in a classroom, I encounter conflict. As a therapist, I have listened to couples talk about how they seem to have the same argument over and over again. In a family, conflict might look like disagreements between guardians and their children. At school, conflict … Read More

How to Support Children With Social Anxiety

Melody Morin

social anxiety, socially anxious youth, mental health, counseling, therapy, self-care

COVID-19 has forced many of us to change our behaviours – for children and youth in crucial developmental stages, the pandemic has also had a devasting impact on their social development. In light of the health crisis and keeping people safe, many of us who work on the frontlines of the mental health field are starting to see the effects … Read More

How to Prepare Children for Going Back to School During COVID-19

Elaine Conrad

back to school, children, parents, COVID-19, self-care, mental health

Many children are about to go back to school after months of being at home with only parents and siblings to socialize and learn with. Each province and state has their own standards for what constitutes safety regarding COVID-19. A new way of socializing including staggered days and extended recess and outdoor times are just some of the ideas that … Read More

Supporting Your Family During COVID-19

Tricia Klassen

covid family, COVID-19, Coronavirus, self-care, isolation, social distancing, physical distancing, pandemic, mental health, mental illness, anxiety

COVID-19 has created a time of uncertainty, overwhelm, and family isolation. As parents, we put pressure on ourselves to work, parent, and homeschool, all while trying to keep ourselves mentally well. In the midst of the current pandemic, we are in a position where we must support our children amidst our own struggles. Here is what I have noticed in … Read More

5 Tips for Supporting Anxious Children

Amber Dalsin

anxiety, anxious child, parenting, caregiving, mental health

Pax woke up each morning to his father calling his name from the hall. Pax often woke breathless, unsure about what. They had visited the family physician, who could not find a cause for Pax waking this way. Pax would sit in bed paralyzed and could not move, despite wanting to. He knew his parents would be upset with him … Read More

How to Help Motivate a Child with ADHD

Elaine Conrad

ADHD, ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, adolescent ADD, children, school, learning, motivation, parenting, caregiving

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have trouble paying attention and managing impulsive behaviour. This is why motivating a child with ADHD to succeed in school can be a tough task. How do you help them find their homework, much less complete it? As a psychotherapist and teacher, I’ve worked with numerous students and parents to help alleviate … Read More

How to Help Kids Keep Calm

Elaine Conrad

keep calm, calm down kids, behaviour, behavior, calming kids down, mental health, parenting

“Where’s my backpack?” “I lost my permission slip!” “I didn’t finish my project!” “I got suspended for punching Joey.” Sounds chaotic. Sounds frustrating. Sound familiar? If so, your child may have difficulties with executive function (EF). Executive functions are brain-based skills that help us perform certain tasks such as holding information in memory long enough to use it properly (working … Read More

5 Tips for Supporting Your Socially Anxious Teen

Tricia Klassen

“I refuse to eat at school because I don’t want anyone to look at me and think I look gross,” a 14-year-old young woman shared with me during our counselling session. Social anxiety is the fear of being scrutinized and humiliated in front of others to the point of severe distress or avoidance. It can cause people to worry about … Read More

7 Strategies for Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence

Lori McIssac Bewsher

It seems to happen overnight – one moment we are tucking our child into bed with a cuddle and a bedtime story – the next they are seemingly intent on rejecting everything we learned about them over the past decade! Surviving adolescence requires more than sheer luck and good fortune. As parents, we need a whole new plan of action … Read More