Dismantling the Colonial Box

Cindy Deschenes

In 2009, I began working on something I call the colonial box theory (colonial box for short). It was a physical manifestation of my thinking, reflections, and observations first sparked by the knowledge and wisdom of two First Nations individuals: Harold Tookenay (Anishinaabe from Long Lac First Nation, Ontario) and Angie Louie (Crow from Crow Agency, Montana). Harold wowed me … Read More

How to Support Someone Through Grief

Galya Chatterton

grief, supporting someone through grief, helping someone through grief, self-care, therapy, counselling, mental health

When I was 18, my friend (I’ll call her Caden) lost her most important caregiver – her grandmother. Caden was transformed by grief and I felt helpless. I desperately wanted to provide some solace for her, and yet I said nothing. I felt paralyzed by not knowing how to reach out. Months later, I sobbingly apologized: “I’ve been a bad … Read More

Tips for Embracing Adversity – Lessons From a Canoe Trip

Wilma Schroeder

I and nine other women, ages 23 to 63, stand huddled together under a big tarp, soaking wet despite our rain gear. We have just canoed across a lake in the pouring rain, and we’re struggling to get a fire lit. There’s no point changing our clothes because it continues to pour. And it’s early September, not cold out yet … Read More

The Power of Shifting Judgement to Curiosity

Nathan Gerbrandt

We are surrounded by judgement. I think in many ways we actually enjoy it. I feel this personally, like a defense mechanism that kicks in to build myself up at the expense of another. And it’s everywhere! It’s in the shows we watch, political discourse, social media, and unfortunately it even sneaks into our interactions with colleagues and those we … Read More

Knowing Your Limits as a New Therapist

Emily Bushell

If you are a recent grad or just starting out as a therapist, chances are you’ve been asked, “Who do you work with?” And you’ve probably been tempted to respond with, “Everyone.” Although many of us get into the helping field to support as many people as we can, it is imperative that we know where our limits are, what … Read More

How to Bring Reason Back Into Conversations

Trish Harper

We often allow our predetermined beliefs to guide how we relate to other people. Look no further than politicians who speak about each other or groups they disagree with, using negative and, at times, highly charged rhetoric. I don’t know about you, but I find some despair and anxiety seeping into my psyche every time I read about, witness, or … Read More

Reflections on Land-Based Education

Noela Crowe-Salazar

Recently, I was enjoying a long weekend Sunday morning at the lake. Surrounded by trees and foliage, I considered what I’ve been learning and revisiting this summer in regard to land-based education. What does this mean and how can we all navigate these teachings? Nehiyaw oma niya, I am Cree, and I will share a bit of what land-based education … Read More

Core Beliefs – Are They Helping or Hindering You?

Lori McIssac Bewsher

If I asked you to describe yourself, what would you say? Are you good at managing projects and people? Or maybe you prefer to spend more time alone tending to independent tasks. The way you describe yourself offers insight into the core beliefs that influence how you live your life and make decisions. A core belief is essentially a framework … Read More

Sleeping Single – Limiting Screen Time for Better Connection

Heather Woodward

When we take our phones or devices to bed, we are literally tucking trauma/stress into bed with us. We’re choosing to sleep with our workplaces, clients, families, and all of our social connections and obligations – never mind what we see on social media and in the news. We are going to bed each night with all the things we’re … Read More

OCD Is More Common Than You Think

Melody Morin

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often a private struggle. Kids, youths, and adults alike may not feel comfortable sharing their intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I can speak to this experience firsthand; my child was diagnosed with OCD at 4 years old. My first role is as a mom, and my second is as a psychologist. What I have learned through my … Read More