3 Tips for Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Emily Bushell

Many of us are drawn to the helping profession because of a strong desire to help others. When this is our focus and our drive, we can easily lose track of ourselves and become stretched beyond our own boundaries and limits in service of others. We know having and asserting our boundaries keeps our careers sustainable, but many of us … Read More

Indigenous Insights for All Counsellors

Noela Crowe-Salazar

The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships: Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections. The chapter reviews the 10 principles from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Readers are invited and challenged to reflect and apply these principles into their own life and in their work with families. While this chapter focuses on Indigenous peoples and is written … Read More

Managing the Online Counselling Relationship

Vicki Enns

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many impacts on our lives, including changes in how we connect with others. For many counsellors, this has meant shifting to working remotely, whether through online video platforms or over-the-phone support. Since March 2020, my own counselling practice has almost completely shifted to online video conferencing. Connecting with people using video platforms had already been … Read More

How to Reduce the Impact of Secondhand Emotions

Elaine Conrad

emotions, parenting, self-care, mental health, depression, anxiety, emotion regulation

We all experience emotions that dictate how we see and understand others and how they see and understand us. In turn, this plays a part in how we form opinions about the world around us and each other. Strong emotions sometimes create angst in our lives, which can inadvertently be felt by those around us. Recently I have felt the … Read More

How to Rewrite Your Own Story – Lessons From Narrative Therapy

Wilma Schroeder

narrative therapy, story, stories, stories we tell, therapy, counselling, mental health, mental illness, anxiety, depression, self-talk, self-care

What would your story be if you were to write a book or movie script about yourself? What events would you include? What would the theme(s) be? What characters would you include? We all have stories that we tell ourselves and others, about who we are and what our experiences mean. I came across this concept some years ago, and it … Read More

5 Tips for Connecting From a Distance

John Koop Harder

connecting, covid-19, covid, pandemic, relationships, self-care, communication

“I’m sick of being sick; sick of being tired; sick of being alone. I’m sick of COVID-19!” This is how a conversation with my recently widowed mother began prior to the holidays. Many of us can relate to her frustrated declaration because the pandemic has affected us all. It’s hard enough on its own, but for those already struggling with … Read More

How to Practice Validation

Nadine Groves

validation, practicing validation, self-care, mental health

“I think you might be jealous, Mom” was something my 8-year-old said to me after listening to my complaints about work. His comment stopped me dead in my tracks – although I didn’t want to admit it, he was right! It felt like such a relief to have what I was feeling named and understood, especially in the way he … Read More

5 Ways to Experience Joy Through Your Senses

Marwa Fadol

finding joy, mindfulness, using senses, mental health, self-care

The new year often heralds a time of reflection, change, and rejuvenation. However, the pandemic we’re currently living through has potentially changed this for many of us. The past year has been challenging on many fronts, and unfortunately, the start of this year hasn’t been much different. In my recent work with a client, we spent some time talking about … Read More

3 Go-To Elements for Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Nathan Gerbrandt

trauma-informed workplace, trauma informed, trauma, mental health, mental illness, workplace culture, depression, anxiety, empathy, understanding

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, writing, and speaking about Trauma-informed care lately. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart. In fact, Vicki Enns, Randy Grieser, and I have just finished a new book called A Little Book About Trauma-Informed Workplaces. We hope it will serve as a guide to those wanting to make their workplace more … Read More

How to Support Children With Social Anxiety

Melody Morin

social anxiety, socially anxious youth, mental health, counseling, therapy, self-care

COVID-19 has forced many of us to change our behaviours – for children and youth in crucial developmental stages, the pandemic has also had a devasting impact on their social development. In light of the health crisis and keeping people safe, many of us who work on the frontlines of the mental health field are starting to see the effects … Read More