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Nathan Gerbrandt, MSW, RSW - Managing Director

Photo of Nathan Gerbrandt, Director of Training

Nathan is the Managing Director of CTRI. In this role, he provides leadership in managing CTRI staff and trainers, and developing workshop materials. He is passionate about promoting trauma-informed practices that support individuals, organizations, and communities. Prior to working with CTRI, Nathan coordinated service delivery and rehabilitation planning for people with co-occurring disorders and complex trauma in conflict with the law. He has refined skills in violence prevention, risk management and collaborative treatment planning for vulnerable people. In addition, Nathan possesses specialty in the areas of disability services, case management, and working with people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. He holds a Master of Social Work degree and is a Registered Social Worker.

Nathan believes that the key to improving people’s lives through training is to find the right fit. When this connection is made it inspires a ripple effect that can extend to everyone we meet. He is the author of CTRI’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Strategies for Supporting workshop. Nathan is an engaging presenter who uses an interactive style to find real-life meaning in his workshops. Read blogs written by Nathan here.

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Vicki Enns, MMFT - Clinical Director

Photo of Vicki Enns, Clinical Director; Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute Inc.

Vicki is the Clinical Director of CTRI. In this role, she supports the development of our trainers and works to maintain high standards of quality and consistency in the material we deliver. In addition to her work with CTRI, Vicki has a private practice where she specializes in the area of trauma recovery for individuals, couples, and families. She is also an instructor in the graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Winnipeg. Vicki holds a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree and is an Approved Supervisor with the AAMFT and CAMFT.

Vicki believes that it is essential for helpers to continue learning and developing their self-awareness alongside evolving clinical skills. She is the editor and co-author of our Counselling Insights book, and is the author or editor of many of CTRI’s training materials, including those on the topics of anxiety, trauma, mindfulness, and ethics. Vicki is particularly gifted at creating a learning atmosphere that is collaborative and respectful, and which embraces diversity in personal identity, skills, and cultural perspectives. Read blogs written by Vicki here.

Contact Vicki at:
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Randy Grieser, MSW, RSW - Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Photo of Randy Grieser, MSW, RSW - Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Randy is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of CTRI. He is an intuitive and visionary leader who, together with a team of employees and trainers, has positioned CTRI to be a leading provider of professional development training. In 2020, after close to fifteen years of managing the day-to-day operations of CTRI in the role of CEO, Randy transitioned to the role of Chief Vision Officer. He now dedicates his energies more broadly to projects that support our vision of creating a world where everyone is trauma-informed, particularly through his role in overseeing the book projects of ACHIEVE Publishing. Randy is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution. Prior to founding CTRI, he worked directly with issues of crisis and trauma in the areas of mental health, counselling, and crisis management within community, school, and hospital settings.

Randy believes that access to knowledge and skill development changes individual lives, communities, and organizations, and he is committed to making CTRI’s training and resources as accessible as possible. He is a dynamic speaker who delivers insightful presentations that are engaging, humorous, and informative. He is the author of The Ordinary Leader, and co-author of The Culture Question. Read blogs written by Randy here.

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Eric Stutzman - Chief Executive Officer

Eric Stutzman, Trainer for CTRI, Chief Executive Officer of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer of CTRI. In this role, he provides support for our leadership team and is actively involved in managing our day-to-day operations. Eric is a caring and insightful leader who believes that building authentic relationships is the best way to lead people effectively. Prior to becoming CEO in 2020, he was the Managing Director of our Division, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership, and has been a trainer since 2008. Eric has provided leadership in the field of conflict resolution and mediation since completing a degree in Sociology with a focus on mediation and peacemaking. He is a Chartered Mediator and a past president of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. Prior to working with CTRI, Eric was an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer, and lead negotiator for a variety of other organizations.

Eric believes trauma-informed organizations create a better society, outlast their peers, and are more effective in their service delivery. Eric is a gifted speaker who makes training material come alive for participants through humour, storytelling, and real-world application. He is co-author of the book, The Culture Question, and is an active blog writer. Read blogs written by Eric here.

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Heidi Grieser - Co-founder & Director of Special Projects

Photo of Heidi Grieser, Co-founder & Director of ACHIEVE Publishing

Heidi is the co-founder of CTRI and, after many years of being involved in multiple aspects of the organization, she is now the Director of Special Projects. In this role Heidi makes use of her broad range of experience overseeing various unique tasks, and coordinating the sponsorship of charitable events. Heidi values that CTRI inspires genuine learning, and that knowledge empowers us to make positive changes in our lives, organizations, and communities.

You can contact Heidi at:
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Louise McKay - Traditional Elder

Louise is a traditional Elder and a descendant of the historic Métis of the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. As an Elder, she is instrumental in guiding CTRI towards embracing the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. In addition, Louise offers training for CTRI and provides cultural support to our trainers. She has bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Justice and Law, and has completed graduate level training in Social Work. Throughout her career, Louise has worked in child welfare, justice, education, health, women’s issues, addictions, spiritual care, and with children and communities in crisis. Highlights include: co-founding a 24-hour youth crisis line called Teen Touch in 1978; working with political parties to ensure the voices of Indigenous people in Canada are heard and reflected in policies and government positions; working with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, to develop a Métis exhibit for the National Museum of the American Indian in 1999. From 2000-2014, Louise also worked with the Southern First Nations in the devolution process of child welfare. She is kind, engaging, and humorous, and believes that when we combine our gifts, we more easily find our balance and thus have a more rewarding and full life.

John Koop-Harder, MSW, RSW - Training Development Specialist

John Koop Harder, Trainer for CTRI

John has been working as a therapist and trainer for almost 20 years. He is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree. He is a co-author of our Counselling Insights book, and is the author or editor of many of CTRI’s training materials, including those on the topics of addictions, harm reduction, and narrative therapy. Much of John’s career has centred on working with children, youth, adults, and families dealing with crisis and trauma. While he has a diverse practice, he has particular interest and specialized experience in working with individuals and families impacted by mental health concerns, violence, post-war trauma recovery, gender/sexuality issues, and sexual abuse recovery.  John’s work is also informed by his international experiences working with individuals and communities impacted by civil war and ethnic conflicts in Colombia, Albania, and Northern Ireland. John believes people are their own best experts and already have many of the skills, abilities, and competencies that will assist them to address the challenges influencing their lives.  

As CTRI’s Training and Development Specialist, John provides support to other trainers and ensures that training material reflects the current research in the field and is consistent with CTRI’s core beliefs. He is a warm and engaging facilitator who values interactive learning experiences. As a facilitator, he is a warm and engaging facilitator who values interactive learning experiences. Read blogs written by John here.

Delayne Hogan - Manager of Client Services

Photo of Delayne Hogan, CTRI

Delayne’s high standards for excellent service have been experienced by clients for over seven years. She is adept at solving problems and attending to client’s needs promptly and efficiently. In addition to managing the client services department, Delayne oversees our certificate programs and liaises with our partnering agencies. She believes that the resources and services we offer in the areas of mental health and trauma make a huge difference in the lives of our clients, and she’s grateful to be part of that work.

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Alexis Johnston - Public Workshop Coordinator

Alexis Johnston, Public Workshop Coordinator, CTRI

Alexis’s friendly, warm personality is perfectly suited for her role of Public Workshop Coordinator. She brings a wealth of client service experience from her previous work in retail as well as her vast volunteer work. Alexis assists clients with their workshop registrations and ensures that their interactions with us are easy and enjoyable. She believes that understanding the importance of mental health is necessary for fostering healthy habits and relationships. Alexis is grateful to be part of the discussion, and for having the opportunity to provide people with the tools and training that CTRI offers.

Contact Alexis at:
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Tyler Voth - ACHIEVE Publishing Coordinator and Editor

Photo of Tyler Voth

After working in a variety of roles in the organization, Tyler now oversees our publishing division. Along with his passion for books, he brings a deep understanding of the training industry to ACHIEVE Publishing. Tyler is also our in-house editor, ensuring that the written information we produce is clear and accurate. He believes that a great work environment requires mutual respect, trust, and innovation. These values are a big part of what makes working at CTRI both rewarding and exciting. Tyler’s genuine care for people comes through in all his interactions, whether in person, by phone, or via email.

Contact Tyler at:
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Cindy Rublee - Director of Internal Operations

Photo of Cindy Rublee, Director of Internal Operations

Cindy has extensive experience overseeing workplace operations from her leadership roles with other organizations. In her current position, she provides direction to both the technical and design aspects of our organization. Her creativity, combined with a willingness to help others, allows her to take on a variety of projects that are instrumental in our organization. Cindy believes that compassion, curiosity, and a desire to become better informed are qualities that drive what we do at CTRI.

Contact Cindy at:
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Chantel Runtz - On-Location Training Coordinator

Chantel Runtz, Onsite Workshop Coordinator

Chantel is part of the on-location training team. She works with clients to ensure our workshops meet their expectations, and connects with trainers to give them the information required to deliver high-quality trainings. Chantel utilizes her extensive knowledge of our workshops to match the correct content for each client’s needs. Her thoughtful consideration and attention to detail ensure that our clients are receiving exceptional care. Chantel believes that mental health impacts everyone in some way, and that when organizations learn more about this topic, they help to reduce its stigma and promote understanding.

Contact Chantel at:
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Lori Tiessen - On-Location Training Coordinator

Photo of Lori Tiessen Banman

Lori is part of the on-location training team. She works with clients to ensure our workshops meet their needs, and connects with trainers to give them the information required to deliver high-quality trainings. Lori is a patient listener who is adept at understanding what her clients are looking for. She has experience working in the social service sector, and brings a warm, friendly personality to this role. Lori believes our work makes a difference for those suffering and for those supporting, and feels fortunate to be able to provide our trainings to so many organizations and communities.

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Elliot Grisdale - On-Location Training Coordinator

Photo of Elliot Grisdale, On-site Training Coordinator at CTRI

Elliot is part of the on-location training team. He works with clients to ensure our workshops meet their expectations, and connects with trainers to give them the information required to deliver high-quality trainings. Originally from Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, Elliot has lived and worked both in northern communities and large urban settings, which gives him understanding and insight into many of the communities we serve. He believes that education and training in mental health helps reduce stigmas so we can understand one another better. He is happy to be part of a team that provides these tools to communities and organizations so they can broaden their knowledge of mental health awareness.

Contact Elliot at:
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Erin Sawatzky - Train-the-Trainer Program Coordinator

Image of Erin Sawatsky, Train-the-Trainer Program Coordinator

Erin supports our clients and trainers who are part of our Train-the-Trainer Program. She also helps our organization by managing a variety of special projects and administrative tasks. Erin brings a strong work ethic and positive attitude to everything she does. Her organizational skills combined with her efficiency and attention to detail make her an integral part of our team. She believes that CTRI’s trainings promote a deeper understanding of mental health and help develop more compassionate and resilient communities. Erin is grateful to be part of a team that embodies these values in their everyday work.

Contact Erin at:
[email protected]

Micah Zerbe - Data and Logistics Management Coordinator

Photo of Micah Zerbe, Client Services Support, CTRI

Micah works closely with all of our departments. He manages our database systems and is the primary point of contact for our training venues across the continent. His analytical and organizational skills are put to use regularly, ensuring that we are running smoothly and efficiently. He believes that it is important to be aware of mental health and the impact it can have on people. He hopes that our trainings help reduce stigmas related to mental health, and improve people’s lives.

Contact Micah at:
[email protected]

Jesse Wolfe - Print Shop and Shipping Coordinator

Photo of Jesse Wolfe – Print Shop and Shipping Coordinator

As part of the logistics team, Jesse runs our print shop, making sure all of the training manuals are printed and ready for each of our workshops. They also take care of shipping and receiving our workshop materials to locations near and far. Jesse’s calm disposition and organizational abilities are the perfect combination of skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly in this fast-paced environment. Jesse believes that everyone should be able to express themselves honestly, have the space to be vulnerable and feel cared for, and that CTRI is working to create these spaces both within and outside of the organization.

Contact Jesse at:
[email protected]

Reid Hebert - Marketing Coordinator

Reid leads our email marketing campaigns and works with a variety of partners to promote our training and services. She enjoys being able to work with a variety of computer programs and is excellent at problem solving and tackling technical issues. She believes in the importance of eliminating the stigma of mental illness, and is happy to be part of a team that shares its resources to encourage understanding of mental health.

Contact Reid at:
[email protected]

Jessica Seburn - Social Media Coordinator

Photo of Jessica Seburn - Social Media Coordinator, CTRI

Jessica works in our marketing department as our Social Media Coordinator. Her educational background, love of learning, and organizational skills are key assets for staying current in this ever-changing field. Jessica’s creative and energetic personality shine through in her work, and give our marketing material a voice that is accessible and approachable. She believes that becoming trauma-informed and building an understanding of mental health issues can be a gift to ourselves and our communities. Jessica appreciates that her role in communicating about our work contributes to breaking the stigma around mental health and creating a more trauma-informed and caring world.

Luke Whitmore - Video Projects Coordinator

Image of Luke Whitmore - Video Projects Coordinator

Luke is part of our marketing department. His primary role is to lead our various video projects, ranging from short one-minute insights to full-day live-stream workshops. He brings a broad range of knowledge from both his educational background in video production, as well as his practical experience in this area. Our videos consistently benefit from his critical eye and creative mind. Luke believes that the work we do helps to increase mental health awareness, which in turn leads to the growth of a happier and healthier society.

Joyce Vincent - Accounting Manager

Joyce Vincent, Accounting Manager at CTRI and ACHIEVE

Joyce brings her many years of experience to CTRI as the manager of our accounting department. Her attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities help ensure that billing and invoicing are accurate and timely. She brings a calm and patient demeanour to her work and relationships, and is valued for the variety of ways she contributes to our organization. Joyce believes the work we do provides the foundation for anyone in a helping position to better assist individuals and communities who may need support.

Contact Joyce at:
[email protected]

Shari Ladd - Web Manager

Shari Ladd, webmaster at CTRI

Shari’s primary role is to manage our website content, and keep our information accurate and up to date. She has a BA in Communications and over 20 years of experience in design, editing, and website maintenance. Her efficiency and innate ability to multi-task make her an invaluable part of our team. Shari believes that access to training and knowledge in mental health equips people to better manage and understand related issues when they arise. Her role in creating and maintaining a space for that information is vital to our clients.

Contact Shari at:
[email protected]