We strive to make our workshops accessible to all, and for the workshop environment to be welcoming of all people. If you do not see your needs listed below, contact us and we’d be more than happy to make arrangements. Our workshops are spaces for people of all class, ethnic, gender and sexual identities, we aim to be an all-inclusive space in which people can foster their knowledge free of judgement.

Visual Impairments:
We can custom-print our manuals to fit your needs. We are able to adjust font type, font size, and paper colour. We can also provide a PDF copy of the manual for you to review ahead of time.

Hearing Impairments:
We will provide your ASL interpreter with a complimentary registration.

Mobility Impairments:
Please contact our office and we will make sure the workshop space is mobility accessible.

While we do not provide food at our workshops, we are conscious that some allergies are scent triggered. If required, we can send an e-mail out to workshop attendees reminding them our workshops are scent free spaces.

Contact our office at 1-877-353-3205 or via e-mail at [email protected].