4 Strategies for Developmental Trauma Work

Vicki Enns

Traumatic experiences during childhood and adolescent development can have a distinct shaping influence on the rest of one’s life. Not every bump and bruise will have an impact, and many events will be completely forgotten. However, overwhelming or threatening experiences may yield a traumatic impact and weave themselves into the ongoing development of a person’s body and mind. There are … Read More

The Spaces Between Us – Two Voices on Reconciliation

Noela Crowe-Salazar

These are the personal reflections of Noela Crowe-Salazar and Vicki Enns, intended to help one another tap into resiliency by walking toward reconciliation and healing together. Click below to listen to Noela and Vicki. [Noela] I am a citizen of Cowessess First Nation in Treaty Four territory. I am a Sixties Scoop survivor, and my father attended Lebret Residential School … Read More

LGBTQ2S* Pride – Moving Beyond June

Vicki Enns

In June, communities around the world remember the challenges of the past for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and queer individuals, couples and families, and look to the challenges still ahead. In these communities, “Pride” is well recognized to refer to a time of celebration, of mourning, of advocacy and of expression of self without barriers. Held in June, “Pride” … Read More

Supporting Autonomy – Ethics in Counselling

Vicki Enns

A strong ethical foundation is an important part of any counselling work. It allows counsellors and helpers to be the best version of themselves because they are being proactive in creating a positive environment for those they support. Although ethics are mostly regarded as a set of rules that describe what should be avoided in the counselling context (e.g., financial … Read More

How to Improve Well-Being Through Grit and Gratitude

Vicki Enns

well-being, grit and gratitude, gratitude journal, journaling, mental health, routine, reflection, self-reflection

What promotes positive mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health? This can sometimes be a frustrating pursuit, with confusing and contradictory messages of what we need to become more resilient and improve our overall well-being. Most of us already do many things in our daily lives in the hope of staying or becoming healthier. I have been encouraged by my … Read More

Helping Refugees – Trauma and Transformation

Vicki Enns

With millions of people needing to flee their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the world, the stories of refugee individuals and families will interweave with people all over the world.  If you are one offering support in some fashion, how will your own story be influenced by theirs? Many of us as helpers are familiar with stories … Read More

Supporting Children in Times of Global Stress

Vicki Enns

Whether children hear the news directly or feel the impact of heightened strain through other people, they look to the adults around them to help make sense of their feelings and thoughts. With some thoughtful steps, we can support both ourselves and the children we care for to better manage the impact of the news and avoid being overwhelmed. Here … Read More

Tools for Collaborative Counselling

Vicki Enns

Counselling is a collaborative effort between counsellor and client. This shared process means each person involved has agency and responsibility to move it forward. However, it is also very normal for the amount of motivation, energy, and focus that each person brings to vary across meetings, and even at different points in a conversation. It’s like sharing access to the … Read More

5 Ways to Experience Joy Through Your Senses

Marwa Fadol

The new year often heralds a time of reflection, change, and rejuvenation. However, the pandemic we’re currently living through has potentially changed this for many of us. In my recent work with a client, we spent some time talking about ways in which she’s managed to combat anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Around the same time, I was chatting with … Read More

How to Use Counselling Activities to Support Change

Vicki Enns

change, counselling, therapy, change therapy, mental health, self-development, navigating change

The goal of counselling is to support people as they move toward their goals of managing themselves, their life issues, and their relationships. This often works best as a collaborative process between counsellor and client, to create the conditions to support change. Each counsellor will have their own favourite ways for participating in or guiding this process. In my own … Read More