3 Priorities for Helping High-Risk Clients

Nadine Groves

life-threatening behaviours, self-harm, self-care, mental health, therapy, counselling, anxiety, depression, caregiver

As a counsellor, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when a client begins their session by listing the various crises that happened during their week. It’s difficult to know where to start when someone starts with, “I told my boss off,” “I fought with my boyfriend and downed a handful of pills,” and “If he leaves, I’ll kill myself,” What can I … Read More

3 Priorities for Having a Difficult Conversation

Nadine Groves

difficult conversations, conflict

Why did I say that?! Why did I react that way? Why did I say nothing? I betrayed myself! Doing a postmortem on conversations is rarely a pastime people talk about, but it’s something we all do. This is especially true while navigating life during an ongoing pandemic – opinions, needs, and risk tolerance vary, and we may not agree … Read More

How to Practice Validation

Nadine Groves

validation, practicing validation, self-care, mental health

“I think you might be jealous, Mom” was something my 8-year-old said to me after listening to my complaints about work. His comment stopped me dead in my tracks – although I didn’t want to admit it, he was right! It felt like such a relief to have what I was feeling named and understood, especially in the way he … Read More

7 Ways to Calm Down Big Emotions

Nadine Groves

emotions, big emotions, calm down, anxiety, mental health, self-car, counselling, therapy, therapist, counsellor, emotion regulation

To say emotions are big is an understatement. Although shame, fear, sadness, and anger can sometimes be overpowering in a counselling session, I believe that sitting with people as they experience their emotions can be healing. But I also know that clients sometimes feel overwhelmed by their feelings. They want to regain control so they can carry on with the … Read More