3 Counselling Strategies for Trauma Healing

Michelle Gibson

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One of the primary goals of trauma counselling is to slow down and notice the difference between emotions, bodily sensations, and thoughts. When heart rate increases (physique) out of fear (emotion), then the thought “I am not safe” (cognition) emerges. This leads to a brain-body-mind connection that is overwhelming and that can push a person outside of their window of … Read More

Trauma: The Brain-Body-Mind Connection

Michelle Gibson

trauma, trauma-informed, body-mind connection, holistic, mental health, calm

Last month’s blog highlighted the ever more utilized term of trauma. As that post stated, trauma is used here to refer to an experience that is fear-inducing and shocks one’s experience of self and experience with the outside world. An experience of trauma triggers the brain’s fight-flight-freeze response system (also known as the autonomic nervous system). This sends an automatic … Read More