How to Create Therapeutic Rapport With Newcomer Families

Marwa Fadol

The importance of therapeutic rapport is commonly understood to be a cornerstone of successful helping relationships. And when counselling immigrant and refugee families, we recognize that factors that influence the counselling relationship are amplified. Newcomer families often come to us when they experience low moments in their lives, and they are often quite vulnerable. In addition, there is an inherent … Read More

5 Ways to Experience Joy Through Your Senses

Marwa Fadol

The new year often heralds a time of reflection, change, and rejuvenation. However, the pandemic we’re currently living through has potentially changed this for many of us. In my recent work with a client, we spent some time talking about ways in which she’s managed to combat anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Around the same time, I was chatting with … Read More

3 Principles for Counselling Immigrant and Refugee Families

Marwa Fadol

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[Excerpt from Counselling in Relationships] When it comes to families from collectivist cultures, there is often the perspective that the well-being of the family as a whole is the priority and that individual needs are secondary Collectivist cultures are ones that value cooperation, unity, selflessness, cohesiveness, and placing family and community needs above personal ones; individualist cultures are ones where … Read More

How to Overcome Challenges – Lessons from Rock Climbing

Marwa Fadol

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Just over a year ago I began bouldering – a form of rock climbing that involves climbing shorter walls (approx. 3-4 metres high) without ropes or harnesses. I was apprehensive to try it, but once I did, I loved it! In the year since, I’ve been climbing 2-3 times a week. As a result, my climbing has improved, and I’ve … Read More

4 Ways to Strengthen Attachment to Children

Marwa Fadol

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As humans, we have a consistent drive to connect, to attach. This drive is often most evident when we look at relationships between parents and children. As parents, I’m sure you can recall times when your children were hanging off your legs, trying to get your attention, or wanting to show you their artwork while you were in the middle … Read More