Autism and Anxiety: 5 Ways to Be a Support

Kalyn Falk

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To someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an anxiety burst feels like an internal hurricane: overwhelming, devastating, and intense. The only response is to batten down the hatches and shut down, or to let the hurricane out to express itself in a variety of challenging behaviours, including injury to self and others. As we support individuals with ASD, we need … Read More

3 Basic Needs of People with Autism

Kalyn Falk

autism, autistic, mental health, support, caregiver, caregiving, mental health

Over the last two decades, autism awareness has grown exponentially as diagnostic rates have gone up. Some of the initial focus of Autism Awareness Day was on finding a cure for autism. But in the last several years, the focus has intentionally changed toward acceptance, neurodiversity and finding the most effective ways to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). … Read More