Sleeping Single – Limiting Screen Time for Better Connection

Heather Woodward

screen time, screen addiction, tech addiction, reducing screen time, cell phone use, smart phone use, smartphone addiction

When we take our phones or devices to bed, we are literally tucking trauma/stress into bed with us. We’re choosing to sleep with our workplaces, clients, families, and all of our social connections and obligations – never mind what we see on social media and in the news. We are going to bed each night with all the things we’re … Read More

3 Self-Care Strategies for Helpers

Heather Woodward

wholistic self-care, self-care, mental health, physical health, spiritual health

What does self-care really mean? I used to get overwhelmed when thinking about self-care, wondering if I was doing enough to “fulfill” its requirements. I would find myself asking: How much will it cost? Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough? I was thinking about self-care as an individual project to be tackled, one problem area at a … Read More