5 Principles of Restorative Justice for Your Community, School, or Organization

Aaron Lyons

restorative justice, school, discipline, children, teachers, parents, reconciliation

Leaders and decision-makers in many settings are faced with the challenge of how to respond when people break rules and harm relationships. Restorative justice is an approach that can address violations while beginning the process of mending relationships. What is the most effective response when a student damages school property? What about when an employee uses discriminatory or aggressive language … Read More

5 Principles for Talking Politics with Friends and Family

Aaron Lyons

politics, discussing politics, family conflict, political views, discussion

How do you engage in discussions about politics with those you care about? For many, the answer is “I don’t!” Others engage eagerly in these discussions, but find themselves repeatedly caught in the muck of destructive conflict. There is another way – one that allows for respectful discourse and even strengthened relationships. In 2007, I was invited to participate in … Read More