The Importance of Being Present

Lori McIssac Bewsher

Being present might be the most important and equally undervalued resource that helpers and counsellors have to offer. However, it can be difficult to be present when we feel like we don’t have the necessary experience to be effective in our roles. Early in my social work career, I was offered a position working in a hospital and learned that … Read More

Core Beliefs – Are They Helping or Hindering You?

Lori McIssac Bewsher

core beliefs, beliefs, self-reflection, self-care, journaling, values, actions, behaviours, mental health

If I asked you to describe yourself, what would you say? Are you good at managing projects and people? Or maybe you prefer to spend more time alone tending to independent tasks. The way you describe yourself offers insight into the core beliefs that influence how you live your life and make decisions. A core belief is essentially a framework … Read More

Insights for Counselling Foster Families

Lori McIssac Bewsher

foster families, counselling foster families, counselling relationships, family therapy

[Excerpt from Counselling in Relationships] The following excerpt comes from our book, Counselling in Relationships –  Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections.  The chapter, Foster Families, encourages thinking broadly about all the relationships involved in the success of a foster family. Building trust, using curiosity, and appreciating the layers of influence from both trauma and resilience are emphasized in … Read More

How to Set Personal Boundaries

Lori McIssac Bewsher

personal boundaries, setting boundaries, self-care, relationships, mental health, counselling, therapy

Setting personal boundaries is a familiar topic in counselling sessions. Whether it is with a partner, friend, colleague, or extended family member, relationships often become strained when we feel our own needs are being neglected to meet the needs of others. Consider the following scenario: Cindy is exhausted. In addition to working full-time and parenting three young children, she has … Read More

7 Strategies for Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence

Lori McIssac Bewsher

It seems to happen overnight – one moment we are tucking our child into bed with a cuddle and a bedtime story – the next they are seemingly intent on rejecting everything we learned about them over the past decade! Surviving adolescence requires more than sheer luck and good fortune. As parents, we need a whole new plan of action … Read More