8 Self-Care Tips for Helpers

Emily Bushell

In my practice, I see a lot of helpers including therapists, caregivers, first responders, and medical professionals. As a group, we are the people our clients and patients turn to during the worst times of their lives. But, we’re people too — we have good days, bad days, and difficult times. We all know we need to practice self-care before … Read More

Knowing Your Limits as a New Therapist

Emily Bushell

new therapist, learning, professional development, therapy, counselling, self-care, boundaries, mental health, burnout

If you are a recent grad or just starting out as a therapist, chances are you’ve been asked, “Who do you work with?” And you’ve probably been tempted to respond with, “Everyone.” Although many of us get into the helping field to support as many people as we can, it is imperative that we know where our limits are, what … Read More

3 Tips for Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Emily Bushell

professional boundaries, boundaries, counselling relationship, unconditional positive regard, viktor frankl, yalom, mental health, burnout, compassion fatigue

Many of us are drawn to the helping profession because of a strong desire to help others. When this is our focus and our drive, we can easily lose track of ourselves and become stretched beyond our own boundaries and limits in service of others. We know having and asserting our boundaries keeps our careers sustainable, but many of us … Read More